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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 8, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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this fox special "who is jesus", i'm jon scott. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, april 8th. i'm alisyn camerota and happy easter. christians around the world celebrating easter this morning, you're looking live at st. peter's square where pope benedict xvi is leading easter mass, look at that crowd. crowd. >> dave: and talk about a real esther blessing, some churches offering more than faith today, handing out free gas. >> clayton: plus, it seems one new hampshire school district is takes a lead from gsa, using money for the classroom on limos and booze. >> dave: that's not the school there. >> clayton: that's not the school, but that video-- your tax dollars at work.
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"fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> happy easter, everyone, my kids are waking up so excited this morning. >> are they. >> alisyn: is it easter yet, time for the easter egg hunt yet. very happy about it. >> dave and i broke out the easter ties this morning, and upstairs in our offices competing to see who had the most easter friendly ties. >> dave: who wins, pink on it. >> alisyn: this one takes the easter take. this doesn't northerly occur in nature. >> clayton: i want to thank 1-800-flowers, e-mails us and let us know on twitter ff weekend who wins the easter tie, dave or clayton. >> alisyn: i'm accepting compliments on my easter outfit. >> terrific job.
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>> clayton: we'll get to that in a very while. >> dave: very pastel on the curvy couch. >> alisyn: and let's go to vatican city, and the pope is leading easter mass and greg burke with more on the pope's message. happy easter, greg. tell us what you're hearing there. >> reporter: happy easter, alisyn. this is like a double-double deal the pope's mass just ended and everybody is headed to the square and the crowds are incredible, overflow and it's always on easter and certainly more today. because it's such a beautiful day. and the pope going to balcony and he will give his easter message and easter greeting, actually in 65 different languages and you can tell the square is decked out with the flowers, with the band, it's all about the joy of easter and benedict saying today the easter message, all christians relive the experience of mary magdalene, and folks said that
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encounter is one that sets christians free in a radical way, healing them and making them experience god's goodness. now, last night, the pope's message was a little darker and talked about how man doesn't seem to know the difference between good and evil and groping in the dark, but of course a message of hope in the end and good wins over evil in the end, it's love that wins over hate. and finally, guys, you know, we're excited here, too, about easter, obviously, when you're in rome and the vatican mostly for religious reasons and also the easter eggs and the rest and very good chocolate here, if you remember for me, there are no peeps, i'll be through new york in about june, i think they have a pretty good shelf life if you could save a peep for me, guys. >> dave: just saying. >> clayton: we have some, they're fine. >> dave: mine are good from last year. >> alisyn: i use mine as a door stop and we'll save that for you. >> and packing peanuts. >> clayton: if you're not on twitter, what do you do at
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this point? got to get out there on twitter. some of you are holding out. if you want to see the back and forth for political types, yesterday, walking through the neighborhood and reading the politics on twitter. back and forth between the white house and senator chuck grassley yesterday because of this tweet that started it all jo on a saturday, mind you, from chuck grassley in regard what the president said about the supreme court and the constitutionality of obamacare, kints asked why i am not outraged at the proz's attack on the supreme court independence. because people are not stupid as this exprofessor of con law. >> clayton: wait a second, you read that grammatically correct. this is the issue here. >> dave: i'm trying to. >> clayton: you read that summed up nicely, the way in which the white house fired back was sort of mocking senator grassley for not the point, which was about health care and the supreme court,
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but mocking him on the syntax. >> dave: it's so childish, it's twitter, 140 characters, you can't write perfect dpr grammar. >> clayton: you can't write perfect grammar, dave? >> throw down there. david axlerod the head of the campaign. head up sen grassley, i think a 6-year-old hijacked your account and sending out foolish tweets just to embarrass u.p. to bring senator grassley-- >> neenor, neenor. and you have to look at what the president said about the obamacare, it's a question that's out there. did the president not understand the power of the supreme court? no chance the president didn't know about marbury versus madison 1803.
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no way he doesn't understand the power of the supreme court. so then what, why did he say that? because he believes that that law shouldn't be challenged. >> clayton: was there a leak? some sort of leak? did he get wind out of what is going to come out of the supreme court. we're not going to know, but they've voted. we know, no, there's not likely a leak, but the idea that they're trying to be preemptive and get out in front of it without some positive message about health care, the idea perhaps running against the supreme court in the fall? couldn't necessarily be a win-win for the president. >> dave: the american people, are they going to go for that. >> alisyn: and some court watchers, says as a constitutional law professor he should have been prepared for this challenge. law school 101. >> mind-boggling. >> alisyn: that's what senator grassley was referring to, and he did use the word stupid. >> dave: not for office, agreed.
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>> clayton: and twitter 140 characters. >> dave: you want perfect grammar on twit. >> alisyn: you see it through a different lens. >> clayton: senator grassley has been out on twitter, very, very roll on. while we're awaiting the supreme court decision in june, the white house is refocusing their campaign and we're learning about the strategy going forward and this is surprising, guys, because it's focused on foreign policy and what the administration has done on foreign policy and this is really a first for a democratic president. >> alisyn: absolutely, it's national security and part of the things that are so fascinating. last week we found out that mitt romney is going to be focusing on national security. so, they both have the same issue, but they see it in completely opposite ways, the president wants to hang his hat on, look, we-- >> ended the iraq war. >> alisyn: ended the iraq war, got al-awlaki, brought down gaddafi. and broke that up.
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and romney says what about north korea, about what them. >> dave: and they appear that former secretary of state madeline albright she'll make the rounds defending what the president has done and wesley clark, a familiar name, army general retired, writing op-eds and newspapers around the country. as clayton said, it's highly unusual for a democrat to be running on national security as a strength and yesterday we were hearing about the war on women. we're not hearing the president run on the economics, and certainly not on obamacare because we don't yet know the constitutionality of it. >> clayton: is this a mistake? we'll ask our viewers, is it a mistake not to be talking about the economy as much as it could be. in 1992, the knock at george w. bush at the time, running on foreign policy experience and clinton campaign was
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saying it's the economy, stupid. it's a mistake. >> dave: interesting. >> alisyn: what do you think? who gets to claim the national security high ground. in the meantime, let's talk about national security as relates to iran and the united states is basically saying that this moment right now is the last chance for iran. they're not saying-- >> again. >> dave: right. >> alisyn: they're not saying exactly what that means, but if these stricter sanctions don't work and iran doesn't come to the table and doesn't stop the production of uranium, and dismantle what they've already built, that it's over. but nobody really knows what that means. >> dave: right. these are the guidelines for the talks which begin on friday, april 13th, the officially talks with the six power nations begin a week from yesterday. and they want to dismantle this under a mountain nuclear facility and halt the production of uranium fuel. now, what david ignatius reported from yesterday.
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there was a message sent to iran that they would accept a civilian nuclear program in order, energy in terms of producing nuclear energy. i don't know if israel is cool with that, but that's what the obama administration has sent to the iranians. >> we're going to have dorie gold on the show to talk about this. what sort of pressure does it put on the israelis, back off some sort of military strike, or bringing the israel riles, saying, wait a second. push it off further while we have the sanctions and while we have the the talks. the real story is that underground nuclear facility. there's almost no cans that any amount of bunker busting bombs will actually ben trait. >> it's like a mountain. >> you have a better chance to win the lottery. even the bunker busting bombs need to physically go down and one chance out of hundreds that it will do damage to it. >> alisyn: senator or secretary of state hillary clinton tried to clarify our position of what we want out
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of iran. >> really believe in giving diplomacy a chance. perhaps a last chance to demonstrate a way forward that can satisfy the international community's concerns and have iran come forward and accept limitations on what they are able to do. and they are entitled to civilian nuclear powers. they are not entitled to a nuclear weapons program. >> and the ambassador to the u.n. later on in the show. >> dave: it's interesting because we talked about the president running national security. it has to do with that and how it ends. if he's running on national security and israel and others break into war-- afghanistan or killing of osama bin laden look great, but iran right now is the one. >> dave: in the next six or eight months, have everything to do with his national security and his successes or
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failures. >> alisyn: right. which is why political watchers thinks' trying to get israel to not take any action until after the election. and speaking of the campaign trail. many super delegates today are saying that it is over the g.o.p. primary is over, mitt romney is the nominee, of course, it's a little premature, there are still primaries going on, including pennsylvania, which is a critical one coming up this month. but, they say that if you do the math, it is $. >> and they, what super delegates are. remember the talk of superdelegates before. >> dave: i do, unfortunately. >> clayton: now the super delegates don't have to pay tae attention to the primaries. they get to go to the convention and drink the arnold palmers and vote how they vote. and a lot of them said they're in the camp of mitt romney and if you add up the super delegates, there's no way it can happen.
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and this that poll was this week and the last attempt that the super delegate switch in the end and rick santorum made it clear, he's taking monday off because of his daughter's medical situation, but after that. he's campaigning on and he's hitting pennsylvania hard and he's even looking at plans into texas where they hope to get it winner take all. that will fail from all accounts. they need a special waiver from the rnc. it doesn't look like newt gingrich or rick santorum is getting out no matter how many of the stories we pass to you. >> alisyn: we'll see what happens and meanwhile, more to tell you about, about the tax dollars. you've heard all week about what the gsa did and their boone doggle to the conference in las vegas. there's more information. a school district in new hampshire and today, it's coming under fire for once again wasting education money on partying. >> clayton: listen to this, last month they questioned spending they were looking at.
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i don't know how the stuff passes in the first place, this is the stuff they started to question, things like movie purchases, alcohol, limousine services. >> alisyn: limousine services, can i stop you for a second. >> clayton: at schools? >> who's fooling around in a limo to go to the local school board meeting? >> band teacher. >> dave: for what occasion? going the prom? we don't know a whole lot, how much money was involved. it did certainly not approach the gsa-like spending. in case you missed that $830,000 plus, including the clown and the shrimp and the top lead are of gsa is out. >> alisyn: as a result, a lot of people in new hampshire thinks that will happen as well. and this is spending, you can't keep your job. >> clayton: above all, that's the taxpayer money. that's the rub, the school
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board finds if public money misappropriated once again, the local communities having to fork over money to pay for fire services and fire trucks coming out to their house and pay for that sort of stuff, this is ridiculous. let us know how you feel about it. >> alisyn: we have more news to tell you about. we still have a fox news alert. we've just learned that police arrested two men in connection with that series of deadly shootings in north tulsa, oklahoma. police say 19-year-old jake gland and 32-year-old alvin watts will be charged with three counties of murder and counts of shooting with intent to kill. they are accused of randomly gunning down five black people, killing three. two victims are in critical condition. and police say they don't have evidence that the shootings were racially motivated other than the obvious. and just within a day of the israeli air strikes that injured two palestinians, militants in gaza now fire back, two rockets were
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reportedly launched into israel landening open areas near the gaza border. officials say no one was hurt. this comes a month after a cease-fire agreement brokered by egypt to stop numerous rocket attacks in israel and gaza. >> a delta flight is forced to make an emergency landing after one of the engines shut down. it was making the decent when one of the engines failed. no passengers injured. no word what caused that problem. a very happy ending to a story we've been following here on "fox & friends." a former marine finally reunited with the military dog that she formed an unbreakable bond with nearly seven years ago when they were both injured by an ied in iraq. >> it was a long day for us, but we got through it today. we recovered after and so, you know, this is abling to
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happen. >> alisyn: that was former marine corporal megan ready. fought tirelessly to adopt rex the dog. and the military denied until now. and he'll now live with megan at her home in new york. >> clayton: thank you, alisyn, we'll check in with our own easter bunny rick reichmuth. >> rick: happy easter everybody. pretty nice day for everybody headed out to easter services, your temperatures, you're waking up with problems as far as some rain going on and it's not that bad, but we have rain cutting through michigan and the ohio valley and not all day and move to the ease and phase out. in maine, snow there, three to six inches the next couple of days, but far northern maine. crest island and such. and rain across west texas and del rio. we continue to see that moisture in texas, which is
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good news. and the next system here, in california. but it's not really moving very far, so it's going to see the rain across the areas and coastal parts of northern california for the day today. and maybe to oregon as well. a big shift is about to happen. the pattern in the country is keeping it warm and that's about to change for the next week or two and much cooler temps, below average across areas of the great lakes and get ready for what is going to feel much cooler and things remain unsettled across california. the high temperatures. and everybody looking nice, nice across the southeast and the northern plains and tomorrow is when we start to feel the cooler air. and toward monday looking pretty good. all right, guys. >> that's fantastic! >> it's a great day for easter egg hunts for sure and a lot of people out there today. head to the churches for the big easter egg hunts and my
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kids are geared up for, and that's their first easter egg hunt for church. and that's not the only thing going around for churches. >> maybe when you pull up to your church. you may find that that tank of gas will be free and fill up the s.u.v. when you pull up. what one church or a couple of churches are actually doing. >> look at this. the national average of gene, 3.93. and a lot of churches in communities, pillars of communities realize that families are hurting, giving away free gas. >> it's not just the easter egg hunt and churches around the country, many, many are doing this. one in cedar hills, texas they're giving away $20 worth of gas to anybody who wants it and say that it's like manna from heaven, it's a blessing sent from above because so many people there are desperate and have one of the highest gas prices in the country and here is what the pastor and parishioners are saying today. >> and be the church that demonstrates giving and we felt like what better time to
3:20 am
give than this time of-- that we celebrate the easter season. >> free gas and prize god already. that's what it's all about. these people are blessing me! >> that's great. that's nice. now, $20 you said fill up your s.u.v. uh-uh. 97 to fill my s.u.v. >> alisyn: you can get home from church with $20. >> dave: $20 very nice gesture. >> clayton: and i filled up our little car the other day. really? $57 for this little car? come on. >> dave: hurts, doesn't it? you just watch that number go up. >> clayton: not like-- this is a joke. >> dave: and all right. coming up a teacher giving a controversial lesson. telling her students, i'm not making this up. republicans are stupid, and she's still teaching. >> alisyn: then unbelievable sight on a freeway. a tanker carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel turns into a
3:21 am
giant fire ball. >> clayton: and french president nicolas sarkozy banning cheese from the dinner table. we'll explain this. >> dave: in france? >> that's one of the reasons you go to france. >> alisyn: impossible. ♪ ♪ your finances can't manage themselves.
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>> welcome back. time for your shot of the morning. easter is it supposed to be a happy holiday, not if you look at these folks. fake a look at one of our favorite website, the awkward family website. >> alisyn: these children are scared of easter bunny, i don't scare him. >> dave: for good reason, he's terrifying. >> clayton: hold on a second, keep that up. at least you could have washed it. >> alisyn: is that the bunny or a demented tiger or something? >> task horrifying, burn that bunny costume, the bunny creeps me up and the big giant eyes and giant bunny. sorry deep-seated issues. >> alisyn: window into dave's psyche. >> clayton: a little scared of clowns. my son freaked out at a clown. we want to see your cute
3:26 am
photos. >> alisyn: no, we don't. >> dave: more terrified children. >> clayton: we want to see your scared, creepy easter photos. friend them to and twitter ff weekend and we'll play them throughout the show. >> alisyn: i predict you have some from childhood, i hope. >> sure. >> dave: meanwhile, you're looking live now at st. peters square where the pope is delivering his easter message to thousands of people. and this as christians around the world celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ. >> alisyn: joining us now, live from jerusalem with celebrations, leyland vittert, happy easter, tell us what you're seeing? >> reporter: happy easter, and good morning to you from the church of the holy sepulcher, and many people believe jesus rose-- particularly roman catholics, and hundreds of people are trying to make their way into the big arch there, and they're from over the world.
3:27 am
everywhere from the united states, ethiopia, denmark, to russia, the greek orthodox patriarch began services this morning and they have services that run through the day in many different languages in jerusalem and people laboring make pilgrimages from around the world to the church of the holy sepulcher and this entire week of holy week and a week filled with a lot of tourists here in israel that have come and yesterday, the holy fire on saturday, which is where the greek patriarch walks into the church of the holy sepulcher, one of the longest running miracles that have been reported hundreds of years going on where they are he' fire that comes down from the the church of the holy sepulcher and that's what many
3:28 am
come to jerusalem to see. and inside the small, small square outside of the church of the holy sepulcher and a couple hundred people taking part in a parade that left that way with the palestinian-- and a lot of them carrying the palm leaf, part of the ritual. it's interesting to see, you talk to people and get the sense no matter where they're from, somebody said to me, though it's so different the way everyone celebrates this special day at easter, it's all very much the same. it is the same ideas, the same principles, the same teachings, celebrating a lot of different traditions and a lot of people from the united states say it's so special to see the traditions play out in the place where it all began. back to you guys. >> alisyn: it does look very special. leyland vittert, thank you for showing us. >> dave: happy easter, my friend. cardinal dolan is weighing in on the subject of religion and politics today. is it too much? is it just right or does religion need more influence
3:29 am
on politics. here is what the dolan-- the cardinal, rather said about this. he'll be here on an interview this morning. >> we're going to continue to express what we believe, not just a religious point of view, but a constitutional point of view, that america is at her best when the government doesn't force us group of citizens, moral cede, to moral convictions. >> alisyn: the whole issue, oral contraceptions, and if religion-- the cardinal says it plays the right amount of role in politics and benefits, when you have a religion theme in it, you can't just ignore-- >> we see more of that later and he's been very outspoken certainly on the pulpit lately, talking about the conscience of catholics and the way that politics can meld nicely with religion as well.
3:30 am
>> dave: this is in part touched off by a journalist who vote a column that says religion has too much of a reach. this is andrew sullivan, people see religion today as a bunch of people trying to control their lives through political mechanisms and that touched off a little bit of this controversy and a question and let us know how you feel about that this weekend on twitter. >> alisyn: meanwhile, we've got the headlines to tell you about, u.s. and afghan officials confirming they've reached a key deal regarding controversial nighttime raids and often carried out by american troops to capture taliban commanders. a major source of contention forors and right now it's not clear what the new agreement is. whatever it is, expected to be a major step in securing a long-term relationship between u.s. and afghan security forces. a developing story, while you were sleeping, this fuel tanker literally exploding on a freeway in los angeles, and the tanker carrying nearly 9,000 gallons of gasoline, you
3:31 am
can see the giant flames shooting into the air and even spreading to a nearby car, and took 150 firefighters and two helicopters to contain the fire, incredibly, we're happy to report, no one was hurt. and french president nicolas sarkozy has caused quite a stank. given up eating cheese. that brie had been banned from the dinner table at the palace and sarkozy has been watching his weight ever since he married his wife, the hot carla, former model in 2008 and the strict diet without cheese, chocolate. desserts and even wine. he calls himself a frenchman? revoke his french card. >> clayton: don't need to get rid of it. you just need to cut the cheese. oh. >> clayton: just cut it. >> alisyn: why do i fall for this? i step in to this. i apologize, everyone.
3:32 am
>> clayton: genius. >> alisyn: talk about a boy wonder. two-year-old credited with saving his father's life and he couldn't talk yet. and it starts when jimmy blacked out from a seizure outside of his texas home when logan sprung into action and banging on the garage door to alert his mother who called 911 in the nick of time. >> oh. >> my super hero lives and breathes not a comic book hero, my hero is my son. >> alisyn: adorable and i don't know how anyone could hear that knocking. a soft little knock. as if that's not impressive enough. jimmy grabbed a pillow to put under his head head while he was lying on the ground. that's a good son there. >> president obama delivering an easter message during his address yesterday. >> throughout these sacred day we commit ourselves to following his example. we rededicate to selflessness
3:33 am
and loving our neighbors, we each stand humble before an almighty god. >> alisyn: tomorrow will be the annual easter egg roll and julieanne moore a julieanne moore will be the guest and she paid sarah palin in 0 "game change". >> dave: easter weekend, what's going on. >> clayton: the masters, only one. >> dave: and we're talking about tiger woods, he could be fined for the temper tantrum on saturday and of course we'll never know about it and hear about it, because the pga tour does not actually comment on disciplinary issues and some feel he could be fined $10,000, pocket change who did comment on the club kicking incident and said quote, he's story if he offended anybody. that was bad sportsmanship. this is great. playing partners, sergio garcia and rory mcilroy, what
3:34 am
did they do when they finally birdied, hugged it out. mcilroy 77. and fred couples trying to be the old s winner of the masters, he struggled. 75, # back, that's phil mickleson, eagle putt on 13 as as usual, the crowd loves lefty. one back of your leader, this man, from sweden, peter hanson, look at the approach there on 18. brilliant. he would tap in for 65, and he's 9 under par and headed to the final round again one on up on phil mickleson. >> clayton: let's talk about your red sox. >> dave: gosh, red sox not a good one on saturday. two world series favorites though meeting in the motor city. the red sox, yes, they were run over by the tigers in motor city. and newcomer prince fielder, first home run of the season since signing that 200 million dollar plus deal. he was not to be outdone, am i
3:35 am
get cabrera, gives one a ride and then the two, well, they decide to sync up. in the fifth inning, look at that blast. out of there in about three seconds, from fielder and the next batter, cabrera, back-to-back shots. so they each hit two in the game. five homers total off josh beckett, clobbered boston 10-zip and the yankees if there's good news for boston fans it's this, the yankees taking on the rays in the second game of the season open are, hoping to come back from friday's loss, but after the rays tied the game, yanks couldn't get the lead, in the end, tampa wins this thing, 8-6. the rays moved over for the sweep. later today and the mts are 2-0. and the yankees are 0-2. >> wow. >> what is happening in this world? >> i don't know. >> and not enough up and downs. and-- >> all crazy.
3:36 am
>> let's check with rick reichmuth. speaking of craziness. >> i felt like i was watching sports center there. that was a lot of sports. >> and car highlights. >> nicely done, dave. all right, take a look at your forecast now. i tell you, we've got the nicest easter in a long time. sometimes this type of year, we have severe weather going on and we don't have that and we have some snow some place and not much of that. here is your temps as you're waking up. looking tooler in to the northern rockies, aside from that looking good and today in the northeast, how about in? 65 in new york city, and a ton of sunshine, all around the northeast, and into the southeast, and a ton of sunshine as well. except for parts of texas and oklahoma where we'll see the storms again. your northern plains, pretty amazing, 60 degrees in fargo, 66 in chicago, and anybody who's out doing an easter egg hunt this morning, or going to sunrise service, you've got to great day there. across the west, hard to find any clouds at all, except for
3:37 am
northern california and along the coast. aside from that a spectacular day. temps in arizona into the 90's again, so, do expect to see some of that warm air out there. all of that rain not that bad. a few showers, cutting across parts of michigan and towards the ohio valley, quite light in nature and rain across oklahoma and texas where we'll see any preparation, in texas all of this. and it will be like a gift from the the easter bunny, guys, there you go. >> dave: i like gifts from the easter bunny, we don't get those as adults i'm sure we'll have some. >> clayton: a big story last week about the changing face of young boys, or boys going into adult hood. >> alisyn: young men. >> clayton: it's often thought they're singularly focused on one thing. >> alisyn: and we don't mean their careers. >> clayton: and women often would say, guys, boys are such
3:38 am
dogs, such dogs, turns out not anymore. according to a new study, we have hearts and sensitive and waiting for the right woman now. >> alisyn: i beg your pardon. >> clayton: don't argue with science. >> alisyn: no, this is true. there's evidence they're no longer singularly focused one thing on their minds and that they are aren't as concerned about another notch on the belt as a real relationship. >> dave: and young men age 15 to 19 you thought always were. and our floor cue didn't seem to agree. it's dead silent. >> alisyn: they don't want to be on the record. >> clayton: they're calling it the beta male. it's not the alpha male, it's the beta male. >> alisyn: it's interesting and what it is predicated upon, all of these public service information and the changing cultural morals the
3:39 am
guys have gotten the message that reckless behavior can ruin your life and now, they have changed their behavior. >> clayton: i got you. a question, jersey girl. is this attractive. often women want the guy, the he-man the guy on the motorcycle, the fonzy type, who's going to break the rules. that was you, right. >> alisyn: yes and-- >> and so when a sensitive guy. >> alisyn: i don't know if fonzy is the model. >> clayton: if i come over to your house, hi, alisyn i've been thinking about you for a long time now. most bets are off with this one. >> alisyn: anytime peewee herman comes up carrying flowers, it alarms me. first of all, i want to stand up for young boys right now. even when i was a teenager, i did, i had nice boyfriends, i had nice boyfriends, good guys, weren't just focused on one thing, we had real relationships and i thought
3:40 am
they had a bad wrap. >> clayton: were you the quiet, sensitive type guy, dave? >> i am. >> alisyn: and you're a softy, people don't know that about you, it's just we're talking about it. >> dave: that wasn't always-- >> he was the guy breaking the rules, out past curfews, ladies what do you want from this. >> the 50's-- >> the leather coat cigarette behind the ear., ff weekend on twitter. >> dave: next time we'll have a seinfeld to help it make sense. >> alisyn: now on display at the smithsonian, the bible assembled by president thomas jefferson. >> dave: what makes this version different? we'll have our president's belief in jesus. >> alisyn: and pushing an agenda on elementary school students and she told kids that god is quote, stupid.
3:41 am
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3:44 am
ichltd. >> clayton: welcome back to the big headlines. victims of the devastating twister outbreak in texas getting a much needed surprise. students from preston woods economy providing them with easter baskets, stuffed animals and of course candy. and forget a fancy coffee maker what hotel guests want in their rooms, free wi-fi, hallelujah, yes. 38% of travelers say it's a must when they book a room. alisyn, why are we charging $7.99 for wi-fi.
3:45 am
>> alisyn: i don't know, why are we. why are you saying we? on view now the smithsonian, president jefferson, the life and morals of jesus of naz ra rat, a version that he compiled without the miracles and without the resurrection. joining us for this version, is fox's relish correspondent lauren. >> and he had what you might call a blient spot with his own beliefs and created his own bible to reflect his beliefs. it's on display and looking the at the idea of the resurrection, what jefferson may not have known when he made his own bible. take a listen. >> all >>. >> countless churches this week, like st. patrick's
3:46 am
cathedral. christians observe the biggest day of the year, easter, jesus rising from the dead. >> in christianity, if jesus hadn't been raised from the dead there wouldn't ab christianity. >> and thomas jefferson believed only in an earthly jesus and great moral ideas and jefferson created his on version of the bible, now on exhibit at the smithsonian. and put together at his estate at monticello, it's stripped of the divine, no miracles and no resurrection. >> jefferson was very much a product of the thinking of his time, known as the enlig enlightenment, he's unwilling to accept anything that couldn't be be proved. >> miracles would upset the lawful orderly universe that jefferson believed in. if there was going to be enlightenment and popular
3:47 am
self-government there had to be laws. but the mathematician is one of several scholars in the last two centuries since jeffers jefferson, the evidence is powerful, which is why, of course, that there is a long list of people who started by being skeptical of christianity. all that the resurrection was the center, and both think it ended up a couple christians. >> and the bible said that crucified jesus was laid in a tomb and a roman guard posted. two days later, the stone was rolled away and two women told that jesus had risen. >> although there are no eyewitnesses to the actual resurrection, scholars like tom wright point out a part of the story that the goss bell writers include, the testimony of women, ancient times not permissible in a court of law. >> nobody in the first century
3:48 am
said would have invented a story which hinged on the testimony of a woman, particularly mary magdalene, in half light of early morning. the only reason that mary magdalene was there. >> even though jefferson didn't believe in a fully recognizance resurrected savior, he believed in the right of other americans. >> it sounds as though he believed that the miraculous parts of the bible were contrary to reason and he wanted to stay grounded in reason. >> and this is very much a product of the enlightenment, that, you know, modern people actually don't have, because if you have to understand that there-- the possibly of miracles can exist. miracles only say that they upset the natural course. the in terms of the theological.
3:49 am
jesus miracles are restoring the the world to rightful place not creating something different. >> alisyn: is it fair to say that thomas jefferson believed that jesus was an extraordinary man? >> if he want today say that jesus had really the most extraordinary kinds of ideas about how we should treat each other and that you could arrive at those ideas through reason, you didn't have to have any kind of devicinity, but jesus' whole point of being here was to die. to sort of change the course of history. to resurrect sort of what we should be. >> so thought provoking and interesting on of course, this easter sunday. it's great to have you here, loren. >> sure, thank you. >> coming up, republicans are stupid? that's what one elementary school teacher told her students. he was breaking the law by being in the country illegally. is it fair? this is an important story, we report, you decide. wait until you hear it. ♪
3:50 am
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>> welcome back. a virginia elementary school teacher telling students, quote, republicans are stupid and don't care about anyone, but wealthy people and business people. and found out that's not the first time that the teacher used the classroom to push a political agenda. >> joining us live to talk more about this. michelle, nice to see you, happy easter. >> thank you, happy easter to you, too. >> clayton: is this an isolated incident? we mentioned this are others in the school district, but if
3:54 am
it's one bad apple, one bad school district or more. >> it's the second incident that the daily caller reported on. they've dealt with liberal professor forever, but for them to be injecting this into elementary school classrooms, he is i think that's going too far. we see that this is actually maybe indicative of a wider, a wider problem. and you know, president obama has created such a polarizing environment in this country with the divisive rhetoric and liberal teachers are strong supporters of obama and it's no surprise that this rhetoric is sort of transferring into our school. >> the first incident was of course the teacher in virginia, the same county that assigned the students to do opposition research on the g.o.p. candidate. this was different. it wasn't a typical classroom setting. how did it happen, exactly? >> well, the school is having a polling place, it was on
3:55 am
super tuesday and a lot of republicans were coming in to vote that day and this teacher just, one of the students said that they were naming all the people on the ballot and the republicans and she told the students, republicans are stupid and they only care about wealthy people and businessmen, so-- >> unbelievable. do you think there's a double standard here, michelle. >> oh. >> if this were, would there be more outrage if a teacher were attacking the obama administration or democrats? would we hear more about it? >> of course. can you imagine if we found out that an elementary school teacher was saying that obama is a socialist or had socialistic policies and destroying the constitution? the left would be outraged and liberal bias is common place in schools and people just brush it off. and all the consequences for the teacher was simply having to apologize to her students. >> and it's ridiculous. >> and fired. >> nothing, she had to apologize, and accept it. >> and always a pleasure to have you on early this morning, happy easter.
3:56 am
>> thank you. happy easter to you, too. >> we want to hear from you, is it the double standard, is the lack of punishment okay with you. we're at ff weekend at twitter and >> did the administration leak information to stop israel from attacking iran? we'll explore the allegations with a former israeli ambassador to the united nations. >> plus, attacked by angry protesters, and forced their way into the studio on live air. don't even think about that, crew. because we fight back. we fight back. >> and i think he-- >> he has egg on him. [ grandfather ] that a boy!
3:57 am
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4:00 am
square. we're there live with more. >> dave: one man wants to defend the law in court, but is breaking it by being in this country illegally. is that fair? we report, you decide. >> clayton: plus, it seems one new hampshire school district taki taking place from the rap video. money for limos and booze. hard at work. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> happy easter, everyone. thank you so much for waking up with us this morning on easter sunday. welcome to you from "fox & friends." that's dave briggs and this is the lovely and talented-- >> alisyn. >> clayton: i got speechless by your beautiful color.
4:01 am
>> dave: do you have any easter traditions, miss it because i'm here with you, the brunch. >> alisyn: when i get home, we have hidden the eggs all over the house. the bunny has hidden the eggs. >> dave: you didn't hide them. >> clayton: when find an egg in june. >> alisyn: probably. they were getting aromatic in the house yesterday. >> dave: do you need a map, a color coded map once you move to the burbs by advice to you. i hope you send us great easter and traditions that you have. especially the kids frightened of the gigantic bunny. >> clayton: this is the first east fuhr for my son. last year it was too small. >> dave: you'll love it. >> take some pictures. and did we thank 1-800-flowers. they provided the flowers for our set. thank you, they're lovely. >> clayton: let's head out.
4:02 am
christians around the world, celebrating easter sunday. greg burke with more on the message. good morning, greg. >> reporter: good morning, guys, and happy easter, st. peters square is it a magnet when it comes to easter day, the pope ended the mass and comes out on the balcony and gives a message, it was a message of hope, although he did talk about some the problems for christians around the world. the tradition is two fold. the mass and then the greetings. 65 different languages the pope speaking in briefly saying happy easter and the crowds are huge and colorful scene with the flags and the bands and benedict saying that the easter message for christians is to relive with mary magdalene lived on this kay encountering christ, saying this is encounter that is going to change people's lives. and meeting with god's goodness and should bring a radical change to people's
4:03 am
lives. and he was having a vigil between good and evil and mankind seems to be searching in the dark, not knowing the difference between good and evil, guys? >> all right, thanks so much, greg. >> let's talk about the tax dollars. we've been telling you about the gsa all week and uncovering more and more interesting information about the gsa. for instance, the 2010 conference that had all of this. 835,000 in total and $19 per person on cheese displays. >> alisyn: that's worth it. the shrimp were $4 a person and you can get that at the fansiest new york restaurant and it's two bucks. >> dave: 7 grand in sushi i could do that with the three of you. $75,000, a team building exercise where they put together bikes and that's how they, you know, built comaraderie, to he me, not including that, they had eight fact finding trips to vegas,
4:04 am
to plan and make sure the meeting was not, quote, over the top. eight trips for the meeting. all you need is a phone, right. >> alisyn: unless you're somebody on the advance team. then you love the trips scouting outings. >> clayton: maybe the gsa set the mark high. now we're learning of a new hampshire school district suffering from the same sorts of issues and perhaps an errant employee or two as they investigate what happened there, using public money, once again, taxpayer dollars for things like this, limousine services, movies, going to movies and the kids weren't involved, alcohol. >> alisyn: the kids weren't involved. >> dave: we don't know if this was 200 or $2,000, but let me give awe scenario, if they're on a trip that's official school business and end up taking a car service to a movie and dinner and they have a couple of drinks, doesn't at that fall under the reasonable expense? we don't know the details, i'm
4:05 am
saying if. >> alisyn: i suppose it does, although at the school board meeting the reason this came out, because at the school board meeting it was revealed that parents were up in arms and angry to hear that their tax dollars were going to spending. it sounds like more than some school trip. >> my sister was a school teachers and she had to bring up the own paper to make crafts for kids and decorati decorations in the room and you're spending it on booze and teachers have to bring in supplies for arts and crafts. >> dave: and bringing in supplies. >> alisyn: all the time. there are schools that don't have toilet paper. >> clayton: let us know what you're-- is the e-mail address and find us on twitter as well. ff weekend. >> alisyn: let's get to the rest of the headlines. a fox news aletter. late last night two arrests were made in that shooting spree that killed thee people
4:06 am
in north tulsa, oklahoma, police say 19-year-old jake england and 32-year-old alvin ross both will be charged with three counts of murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill. accused of randomly gunning down five black victims and authorities say they don't have evidence that the shootings were racially motivated. two rockets were reportedly launched into israel landing in open areas near the gaza border, officials say no one was hurt, this comes months after a cease-fire brokered by egypt to stop the numerous rocket attacks and israel. between israel and gaza. and a bizarre attack, happening live on the air. all right. they need better security at the station, the journalist
4:07 am
pelted by eggs and yogurt. greek yogurt. >> dave: eat that up. >> clayton: licking the walls. >> alisyn: and the 17 protesters who forced their way into the studio while the man was still on the air and reportedly upset about a recent interview he did with a neo-nazi politician. >> dave: somebody tell the guy he's got to-- >> duck. >> dave: he stands up. takes a whooping an ipad. >> clayton: no, a net book. >> alisyn: it's still going on. again, i warn all of you, if you throw anything at me, i'll throw it right back at you. >> alisyn: because there are a lot of easter eggs sort of handy they could pelt us. >> clayton: unless rick is liking yogurt and-- >> that guy understands good tv. be honest icht the good. >> rick: he could have ducked behind and end the whole thing. no, we'll let this go on. >> dave: let it ride. >> rick: it will be on "fox & friends." >> clayton: we'll show it five more time. >> rick: today when we start pelting you with yogurt, take
4:08 am
it. >> clayton: take it like a man. >> rick: exactly. all right, guys, so, everybody is wondering what to do this morning with your services and easter egg hunts. we could not have a nicer week. yesterday was beautiful and temperature-wise for people. a little bit of rain in parts of michigan that's all really light, not concerned at all. we've had rain around the red river valley today into oklahoma and texas and across parts of south texas and it's going to weaken and nobody is going to see a wash out. a little more rain in the next few days in texas and the storm that looks ominous across the west, not entraiting inland much. around the coastal areas of northern california. moving to the northeast though, i want to take you over about the next two days and everybody is in spring mode. and watch the time stamp and the storm out of the west, and snow in parts of maine and by tomorrow, across the higher elevations in and around the parts of the northeast and by
4:09 am
tuesday, no back across areas of michigan, indiana, and so there's going to be spotty snow out there. that we're not done with winter, unfortunately, just yet. but in the meantime, enjoy, very nice temperatures for pretty much everybody in the country. >> thank you, rick. folks, the dream act is at the heart of a thought provoking and controversial story from the state of florida. let me give you the story of a 25-year-old man, a former eagle scout. a former valedictorian and graduated from florida state law school. he practiced law for a year, only to find out, well, there's one problem with practicing law for this man. he's not a naturalized united states citizen. he's an illegal and therefore, he's not allowed to practice law here in the united states. >> the question is whether or not he should be admitted to the florida bar because according to-- according to the individuals who handle this, they say, this is not a requirement to be a u.s. citizen to go into
4:10 am
the bar, to take the bar example. so he has all of these accolades, this guy, if i'm not mistaken, the guy who recently came to the attention of senator marco rubio and revive the dream act and came around on the issue. this guy was valedictorian at his school and maybe some form of amnesty in a way for this guy. senator marco rubio, not just this guy, but other individuals like him. >> is there any other ref evaluation in the immigration, he was brought here nine years old by his parents no-fault of his own and became a stellar student exactly the kind you'd want in the public school system and plus, when it's time to get admitted to the florida bar they realize, he is an illegal immigrant. so, now, what to do? what to do with the person that we've invested all of the taxpayers dollars into his education and valedictorian.
4:11 am
seems like a check point before you're 25 years old. if you're going to deport someone and don't want them through the school system, somewhere between nine and 25 years old. there should be more after check point. >> dave: when you're looking at 11 million illegals, it's difficult to catch these things. >> clayton:ed thought about this, the parents had visas. >> dave: they overstayed. >> alisyn: so they came legally. >> clayton: to the point. they didn't sneak across the border late at night. they had visas and overstayed them. will he leave and go to mexico. >> dave: the question, should you have to be a united states citizen to practice law in the united states? the republicans are working on their version of the dream act and of course marco rubio leading the charge. we want to hear from you, right there on twitter. >> and did the administration leak secret information to stop israel from attacking iran? we'll explore with the former
4:12 am
israeli ambassador to the u.s. >> alisyn: he extended our freedom, but bank of america refused to protect this veteran from 25,000 in credit card fraud so he took them on. we'll tell you who won. ♪ ♪ wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
4:13 am
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4:15 am
>> welcome back. president obama getting ready to reopen talks, after an explosive aleses and senior officials leaked information about an israeli plan to use a staging ground for possible attack on iran. joining us from jerusalem is the former ambassador, dorie gold. nice to he see you this morning, sir. >> good to be with you. >> clayton: this news
4:16 am
overnight about reopening six party talks and trying to pressure the iranian government to abandon that nuclear facility, within the mountain range and to further stop enriching uranium. what is israel's position on this? and do they think it will work? >> well, you know, we've had negotiations before. and there were the p-5 plus one and the previous decade now, the iranians are planning for time and it's my personal believe that they just want to run the clock out. they want to achieve a full operational nuclear capability which means that you've got to make sure that while you're talking to the iranians as a precondition of the talks that the iranians don't continue their enrichment. otherwise you'll find yourself with a much larger stock of yurm, of low enriched uranium, and when those talks reach an end. >> you're talking about playing for time. i can't help thinking that perhaps the obama administration, doing the very
4:17 am
same thing, we now know about these leaks coming out of the administration and senior officials of the administration about israel's plans to attack iran. is the obama administration also playing for time? >> well, i don't want to get dragged into american domestic politics, want to drag it out in november, these talks, but i will say this, he unfortunately have been witnessing a large number of leaks coming out of washington. about very sensitive issues related to israeli security. and you don't understand what this is. i know that president obama himself stated publicly on march 5th and said repeatedly, that you know, he's against this kind of leaking. but has he prepared a memo for his administration, that memo didn't arrive to the people who were talking. if you look at the leaks to the new york times in february or march, what you see is that the journalists are sourcing this material to quote, american officials, unquote. and can you imagine if we were
4:18 am
right before world war ii, in 1940, and information about sensitive british american talks, appearing in the press? that would be unthinkable and therefore, it's really important not to erode the relation between the u.s. and israel, our strategic relations and put an end to this spate of leaks coming out of the u.n. and on the israely side, benjamin netanyahu not to talk about the subjects. >> clayton: i wonder who would stand to gain from this. you would think that an administration a-- who stands to benefit from leaking the information publicly? >> in fact, it's the most self-defeating thing to be done. if you think the iranians are going to negotiations now, they're concerned about two things, drastic sanctions
4:19 am
being put on them. some of them that begin july 1st, and all the talk about israel possibly having to defend itself with military measures. now, if you have leaks coming out of washington, whose purpose is to tie the hands of israel, then you're undermining your own negotiating card when you sit down with the iranians in istanbul, beijing, baghdad, wherever and both from a diplomatic standpoints, the leaks about israel's capability are vhe vbad. >> clayton: thank you for making sense of this on this easter sunday, we appreciate you joining us from jerusalem. thank you so much. >> happy holiday. >> clayton: before he holds mass in front of over 5,000, rick white joins us with a special easter message. good morning, sir. if you thought $4 gas was bad.
4:20 am
try $7, that's right, gas prices soaring sky high. we'll tell you where that's happening next. ♪ of the campre. it can be a million years old... cool. ...or a few weeks young. ♪ [ laughs ] away beckons from orion's belt. a place that's closer than you think. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit
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4:23 am
>> welcome back on this easter sunday. here is your news by the numbers. 16.8 billion dollars, how much the survey says americans will be spending on chocolate easter bunnies, marshmallow and peeps. all of those easter goodies this year. >> save your money. >> and next, a trillion dollars, that's how much analysts predict apple will be worth. when it shares a thousand dollars each. they are he' like $600 right
4:24 am
now. that's predicted to happen within a year, if you can imagine that. it will become the world's first trillion dollar company. >> finally, $7. that's how much people on catalina island just off the coast of california are paying for gas. talk about pain at the pump and pay $6 for eggs there. >> my gosh, i could swim back to shore. >> i'm not going to name names, someone talked me out of buying apple stock a couple of years ago. i'm bummed about that. christians around the world celebrating the resurrection of jesus, but the story could be tough for kids to understand. >> alisyn: what better way to help kids understand the resurrection than comparing it to a game that everyone knows, chess. joining us now is senior pastor of people's church, rick white. pastor white, thank you for making time for us this easter morning. >> thank you. it's so good to be with you. good to see you. >> alisyn: so the resurrection is like chess. how so? >> well, this message i'm
4:25 am
speaking today at people's church is really called hope has one more move. it's based on a story where two men are touring a museum and they see a painting where obviously, one picture in the painting is that of just a normal guy, playing chess and his opponent is satan and he has a devilish look on his face and the name of the painting is called check mate. and these two men were looking at this painting and one is a rather good chess player and he looks for a long time. something is wrong here, it's just not right. his friend goes ahead of him and a few minutes later. catch up to him. we've got to find this painter, he's either got to repaint this portrait or rename it because as i look at the painting, the king has one more move and we believe that because of the risen christ, the king has one more move in all of our life. easter is a story of hope and that's the message that's going to be reflect around the world today.
4:26 am
regardless of what a person, what circumstances they find themselves in, that this is a message of hope for every man, woman and child. >> that's beautiful. >> you know, i'm looking for the checkers version. (laughter) >> and can you dumb that down a little? >>, but what, basically today you're preaching a message of hope and that is what you'll be talking about today? >> oh, absolutely. and in first 15th, the apostle said i'm going to talk to you about the matters of first importance and he said, it's the gospel. and the gospel in a nutshell said that christ died for our sins, that he was buried and rose again and we believe that the resurrection is absolute foundation and bed rock on which christianity is built. and without the resurrection, there would be no hope. so, today, in pulpits across this nation and across this world, ministers of the gospel
4:27 am
are going to stand and declare to people everywhere that because of a risen christ, there's always hope. and just listening to the earlier segments of your program, some of the problems that we have in the world today, men and women are looking for hope. and i believe with all of my heart, that if they take a close examination of the gospel and understand it, god does love them and he loves them so much he sent his son to die for their sins and after that son died. he was brought back to life by the power of god. that's an amazing story of hope that any person can embrace. >> well, you will be be preaching that message to your 5,000 parishioners this morning. thanks so much for coming on and giving us a preview of that. we really appreciate it, pastor williams. >> thank you so much. >> and coming up, they use more oil than anyone in the country, but refuse to drill for it. now, one town in california may be forced to go against their green living life style. >> then, want your man to shed
4:28 am
some pounds? you better make a bet with him. we'll explain why that's still effective. >> and plus, we're learning how to make a delicious southern style easter dinner. when we come back. >> i'll bet you can't eat all of that. >> i'll bet you're wrong. ♪ [ male announcer ] fighting pepperoni heartburn and pepperoni breath? fight both fast with new tums freshers! concentrated relief that goes to work in seconds and freshens breath. new tums freshers. ♪ tum...tum...tum...tum... tums! ♪ [ male announcer ] fast relief, fresh breath, all in a pocket sized pack.
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4:32 am
♪ >> a part of growing up in michigan, i've always been an enormous fan of the pittsburgh steelers. and you know, what a team. what a football team. with those uniforms they had, different colors and of course, you know, the great coach and the various players. who were all so terrific, you know, i could name them all, yeah. . >> dave: now, that was snl mitt romney last night who went on to be a fan of virtually everything. not just the pittsburgh steelers, but of cat spaying, of dungeons and dragons and role playing and folking mitt
4:33 am
romney being flexionable. politically flexible. >> alisyn: that's how i-- the various players and coaching, i like that coach. >> alisyn: hilarious. >> clayton: we'll show you larry. welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, happy easter to all of you, thank you for waking up with us. >> alisyn: thank you for 1-800-flowers for decorating our set this morning. we appreciate it. and you're about to go to brunch. you know how you can get men to lose weight, put a wager on it. men are so competitive, unless they're betting money to lose weight it generally doesn't happen. >> dave: play it what our fears are. it turns out men are four times as likely as women to lose weight. if you involve a wager, some sort of bet on the amount of weight loss, i believe that absolutely. >> clayton: here, the fortune 500 countries did the pounds
4:34 am
for cash program. men, 63% of the participants who won the bet because there's cash behind it. and of course, you and i bet of all times of things, opening day, games for baseball. and we have a bet on food, what's going to taste the best. >> dave: what's the most creative ballpark food, but i think it's not just about money. >> alisyn: you will bet on everything. >> dave: we will. but it's about the bragging rights, the sense of competition. >> clayton: i do this with my friend andy, growing up we'd call each other depending where we lived across the country and it would be, you know, rally us, you think 30 days, 30 days going to dry to drop ten pounds and call each other throughout the month and check in on each other. >> alisyn: and where you could see, 15% of women don't care for the money, that-- >> or the bragging rights. >> alisyn: if you put a picture of angelina jolie on the refrigerator, it's more
4:35 am
effective. >> clayton: that's why you have different celebrity actresses throughout the morning. >> alisyn: i go in in the good morning and give them a cracker. >> dave: weight in on ff weekend on twitter. >> alisyn: u.s. and afghan officials confirming they've reached a key deal regarding controversial nighttime raids often carried out by american troops to capture taliban commanders. they've been a source of of contention, whatever the deal is, it's expected to be a major debt securing a long-term relationship between u.s. and afghan security forces. good news about the navy fighter jet crash in virginia. everyone injured has been released from the hospital including the student pilot and navy trainer who ejected just before slamming into the apartment building. several calling this a miracle that no one was killed. of course the 60 plus residents displaced by the wreck are still in shock.
4:36 am
>> we have nothing, but the clothes on our backs, we have nowhere to go. we're staying in a hotel right now. it's scary and we're here to find out and get some answers. >> alisyn: well, the navy is taking care of the residents needs including long-term housing and monetary compensation. and after nearly two years of disputes, bank of america and an afghanistan war veteran refunded $25,000 in fraudulent debit charges. john is an army reservist, on leave in november 2010 when he said he purchased a couple of drinks at an afghan club and later notice debit card charges worth thousands of dollars and filed a fraud claim with the bank and bank of america said there was nothing they could do. but months of complaining and protests finally paid off and the bank is refunding those charges. easter wishes from the white house, here is president obama feeling the spirit of the holiday season during his weekly address. >> throughout the sacred days, we recommit ourselves to
4:37 am
following his example and our time honor selflessness, to moving our neighbors and remind ourselves no matter who we are, or how much we achieve. we each have stand humbled before an almighty god. >> tomorrow, the president will be on hand for the annual white house easter egg roll and joined by special guest celebrity julieanne moore or as you may know her, sarah palin from the h.b.o. film, game change. let's hope that everybody is better behaved at that easter egg roll than somewhere around the country. the stampede. >> the secret service involved. >> alisyn: find it provocative, playing zale sarah palin in a controversial film game change. >> clayton: are you more outraged by the film or ed harris. >> dave: a bit of a shock. let's talk sports, what a day it always is not just the easter egg hunt, it's the final round of the masters. let's talk about tiger woods,
4:38 am
he could be fined for the temper tantrum on saturday we will never know it because the pga tour doesn't comment on issues and and tiger commented on the club kicking incident. that's bad sportsmanship. here is great sportsmanship. sergio garcia and rory mcilroy struggling on saturday and hug it out after they birdied. mcilroy 77. garcia 75. fred couples trying to become the oldest winner of the masters at 62. he struggled. out of nowhere came phil mickleson and the crowd loves lefty, for eagle on 13. and he shot a 66 and one shot back of this man. swede peter hanson, that's an approach, clayton. on 18. boy, i wish i could do that. tap in pour birdie. 9 under par, headed for the
4:39 am
final round and in a couple of hours out of augusta, it should be a beautiful day in augusta georgia, i believe, rick reichmuth. and sorry, somebody talked in my ear as you were talking. >> and augusta, high 70's, low 80's. >> yeah, if you saw the pictures there, it was completely blue skies. >> gorgeous. >> yesterday. no humidity at all across the east and we've got another one of those days coming today. yes, very, very nice. take a look at the temperatures at you're waking up. temperatures 40's across the coast and overall. a nice morning after easter sunrise service and the kids running outside. take a look at what it looks like in virginia beach this morning, an absolutely spectacular sunrise picture than from virginia beach, from nick this morning. i tell you what, the temps right now into the 30's and you're warming up today to about 70 degrees, rick reichmuth on twitter and the
4:40 am
facebook page. take a look at the forecast for the northeast, a spectacular day, tons of sunshine except for far north maine. a warm day across the northeast, down to the southeast. and at the augusta area, looking very, very good. dave, hit that button one more time. there you go, down to the southeast and the only thing that will do, a little bit of rain across texas, but a mild and comfortable day for the most part. up to the north. pure sunshine, all kinds of sunshine up to minnesota, north dakota, and into nebraska and out across the west, hardly can find a cloud, coastal areas of the country. california and little bit of cloud cover, but, past that another beautiful day. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> clayton: time to eat, rick. easter celebrates families coming together and one of the holidays includes a lot of good food. here to put together a southern home style easter dinner, on a budget no less.
4:41 am
is from why is this meal so important to you. >> easter is a time of celebration, in addition to the religious meanings behind easter, a time to celebrate spring, a time to celebrate the wonderful produce available. a gathering of family and friends. >> clayton: and get to the ham, the base of the southern style meal. first the advertisers, families show up and these are deviled eggs. >> these are southern topped deviled eggs, the difference i'll put a ginger and apple on top of it and gives a bite to it, and also make them healthy by substituting out mayonnaise, put in sour cream or something to to make that less rich. >> my mom is obsessed with side dishes and makes so many of them. this looks like something they'd love to make, sweet and
4:42 am
sour green vegetables. >> the celebration of spring and vegetables available this time of year and we use green beans and asparagus, and i'm a big pork fan. anytime i can put in some bacon. >> clayton: bacon, my wife does that, it's fantastic. >> absolutely. >> hides the fact you're eating healthier. cornbread pa delicious treat also to have at an easter dinner, what do you do differently here? >> one of the first thing i learned to make was cornbread growing up. any child could learn to make, for me i like to include real corn in it and also like to put cheddar in it, which is different. and gives it a nice little bite and texture and accompany that with honey butter and wonderful. >> now, let's quit the talking and go to the ham. >> and this is what everyone gathers up for. >> let's get to it. >> what do you make it special. >> the first thing i like to do, soak it in milk and pulls
4:43 am
out some of the salt and healthier for you, we do that overnight and this is what you have. >> wow. >> and allows you to build your own base of flavor on the ham and pulls out a lot of salt content. >> and independentsing other ingredients. those get involved, the brown sugar and-- >> absolutely, apple juice, like to reduce this down a little bit and add some apple juice and one of the secrets is a little bourbon. >> oh, yeah. >> here on "fox & friends." >> exactly, then we incorporate the dry ingredients and we also have crushed nuts, which is good, gives it a lot of texture and then brown sugar. which is also great. and we have some dry mustard as opposed to real mustard and gives it a bit more bite and molasses rounds it out. >> ooh, doctor. chef, air making me hungry all this have information on our website at, you've got to check out
4:44 am a mistake, briggs and food around. and more "fox & friends" in two minutes. let's eat! >>. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at
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4:47 am
>> welcome back. your wallet or your values? that's the choice folks in one liberal leaning california town are facing, as they're forced to make a big decision, approve oil drilling or bankrupt the city. william la jeunesse has more. >> mouscle beach, california, there's controversy in paradise, for residents to invoke the conscience and go broke or approve oil drilling on land and go rich. >> 100 million dollars. sheer greed that this whole situation ever started. and it's appalling. >> 15 years ago, officials here agreed to permit drilling from city owned land and later breached the contract. in a recent settlement, voters
4:48 am
were offered this choice. approved drilling in 15% of all oil revenues and the strict earns 20 cents on every barrel pumped or turn to down and pay 17 million in damages. >> i think this gives us a chance to move forward and also, provide something badly needed for the school district. >> we should get rid of the tennis racquet on the logo on put an oil derrick and a bottle of vodka, what you're going to need. >> reporter: the vote is many blem matt emblematic of love, hate. and it would siphon under the pacific without touching water. >> i'm more apt to be be for it, it's on land and underneath. not having the eyesore. >> and few want to see a drilling platform from the beach and many fear what a spill would do to the
4:49 am
environment and tourism. but this would be five blocks inland and allow california access, fast oil shore reserve with few of the risks associated with deep water drilling. in hermosa, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> dave: thank you, william. people want to know if god really cares, if he lets bad things happen to us. our next guest has prove he does. and president nicolas sarkozy, banning cheese. yes, he's the french president. banning it from the dinner table. we'll explain. it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? [ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way?
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4:52 am
>> hey, welcome back, remember this scene from the movie "the day after tomorrow"? >> come on!
4:53 am
>>. >> alisyn: that of course is a hollywood movie, but when bad things happen in real life like earthquakes and tsunamis, many wonder why god would create such natural disasters. is he capable of evil? our next guest says yes, in a certain way, but it's all part of god's plan. >> clayton: and the author of the new book "god forsaken", he joins us to talk about it on this easter sunday. nice to see you this morning. >> good to be on the the show. >> clayton: written a lot of books and what was the inspiration behind this book? >> it was to tackle the problem of suffering. a problem that is not only often invoked by atheists, to invoke or challenge god, and what they struggle with, why does god allow these things to happen. you showed a clip about hurricanes, in some ways, hurricanes aren't evil, but impose a lot of suffering.
4:54 am
so, i argue in my book that today, modern science gives us a way to answer these questions in a way that he we couldn't answer before. so, why do we have earthquakes? well, it turns out that there are good reasons for earthquakes, they're part of a natural eco system of the planet. they perform all kinds of functions that enable life, and particularly, human life to exist. so, if you had no earthquakes, he we wouldn't have people around to complain about earthquakes. and that's-- we're learning more about that as we learn more about our earth and also about our universe. >> alisyn: and do you find a scientific explanation for all sorts of natural disasters? >> absolutely. i think that he when you talk to scientists, they say that tsunamis, hurricanes, forest fires, people, you know, it's easy to complain about, they could say, for example, see if i stay out in the sun too long, i could get, say, skin cancer, well, yeah, the sun happens to be exactly eight light minutes away from the
4:55 am
earth. like, it would take eight minutes to get mere from the sun. the sun were further away, we'd freeze, sun closer to us, we'd bake. the sun is where it ought to be to enavailable life to flourish. if we stay out too long in the sun, we could have problem, but it's vital to exist. >> obviously you're joining us on easter morning and make the point, that christians have a problem with pain and i found that fascinating. other religions such as buddhism, hinduism, they don't have the same awareness of pain that christians do, why? >> well, i mean, obviously, all human beings feel pain, but see, in hinduism you have an indoctrination of reincarnation and that doesn't just mean we live successive lives, but means that your fate in this life is based on the stuff you did, supposedly in previous lives. so, if you're a poor guy and suffering in this life, it
4:56 am
means that you were a bad guy in one of your earlier lives. so there's no problem of pain, everybody is getting exactly what they deserve. in judaism and christianity of course we have an idea that god is omnipotent and all powerful and pain and suffering in the world and the problem is one of reconciling god's power and goodness with the fact of evil and suffering in the world. and that's what the book god forsaken attempts to reconcile or tackle. >> and personal suffering, not just natural disasters, but the book is "god forsaken", thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure. >> some churches are offering more than faith today. they're handing out free gas. >> they made bold decisions to cut the state's without raising taxes. and a she'll tell us all about
4:57 am
this when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. i was worried it would be hard to install. but it's really easy. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this cool. yeah. you're not... filming this, are you? aw! camera shy.
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at >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, april 8th. i'm alisyn camerota. happy easter. pope benedict xvi, delivers the easter message in vatican city and christians around the world are celebrating the holy holiday. we're live from rome straight ahead. >> and president obama is said to be refocusing his reelection campaign by taking a page from the g.o.p., it seems. we'll tell you what is now at the top of obama's agenda. >> plus, a dream come true for a 12-year-old girl. look at that, she takes the stage with bruce springsteen. she's going to be here to tell us about that. >> courteney cox. >> alisyn: that's how courteney cox got her career launched. what i would have had loved to
5:01 am
have done at 12 years old. >> and "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us on this holiday. we appreciate you spending some time with us. we appreciate 1-800-flowers, decorating our set beautifully for us, and-- >> good thing you're not allergic. >> clayton: very fragrant here, and keep it coming, who has the most easter ties, me or dave. >> dave: you can't fully appreciate mine. there are pink flowers there. >> alisyn: i appreciate it, it matches my dress. >> clayton: and cleaning gadgets in time. whole host to get it ready
5:02 am
outdoors and indoors and your house is never going to look so good. >> thousands of worshippers gather to hear the pope's easter message at the vatican. greg burke is live from rome with more, hi, greg. >> reporter: hi, alisyn, good morning, and happy easter, it's he so interesting, it's such a beautiful day here today. it's been a pretty good week all week and all of the pilgrims who come to rome have been rewarded because of it. today the crowd at st. peters was absolutely overflowing and normally is, even if it rains. it was such a great day and a colorful crowd and people come all over the world with the banners and the flags and celebrate at the vatican with the pope and as usual, the square was decked out well for such a festive occasion, the biggest day on the christian calendar. >> the pope's message for easter, one of hope and one of joy and easter means reliving the experience of mary magdalene. that means meeting with the resurrected christ and that's
5:03 am
something which changed people's lives, it allows christians to know god's goodness and truth and really can be a healing experience for them. finally, guys, it's a day of rejoicing for more christians, no doubt about that, but the pope mentioned the places where the christians are suffering persecution and pointed out the middle east and africa as well. so, certainly, while there is all of this rejoicing, a special prayer for the christians persecuted. guys? >> thank you, my friend. we will get you some peeps, although i'm a-- i'm not a peeps guy. >> alisyn: you're not. >> dave: jelly beans. >> clayton: like ronald reagan. >> alisyn: and chocolate. >> clayton: we talked about twitter and mentioned getting on twitter and argue about our ties and get on twitter because you're missing great politics unfolding on twitter as some of the politicos go back and forth and exchanges messages and yesterday, things exploded on twitter a bit. senator chuck grassley said this about president obama's argument about the supreme
5:04 am
court. he took on the supreme court and is saying he knows how they'll wait and constituents asked why i'm not outraged at press o attack on supreme court independence. maust am people are not stupid as this x professor con law. >> alisyn: i love that you read that in the vernacular of twitter. >> clayton: you have to because it sets up the next tweet from david axlerod and the obama administration. >> alisyn: and david axlerod from president obama's campaign. heads up, sen grassley, i think a 6-year-old hijacked your account and is sending out foolish tweets just to embarrass you. we don't know the syntax or the twitter. >> he said stupid. the and the 6-year-old-- don't know in the twitter jargon. >> dave: and it takes away
5:05 am
from the mentassage with senato grassley's-- the ez says if the supreme court overrules, it overreaches. it's constitutional law and the president studied it at harvard and he knows that the supreme court is allowed to strike down the health care law. why does he say that, does he believes that they should rule that obamacare is legal, even though they don't believe it's constitutional. why did he say it? he knows better. >> if they go through and pars out parts of it, justin scalia says you want us to go through this 2700 bill and see what is constitutional and piecemeal? let's see what you think about it. unfolding on twitter and the supreme court decision we're waiting for. we're learning about president obama's campaign strategy going forward this morning. it's all about national security and we're going to see some sewer gats coming out in support of the president's message and actually going after mitt romney a bit, too.
5:06 am
>> what's fascinating about this, revealed from the administration, it's going be to be about natural security and heard last week from mitt romney's camp they're also going to focus on national security because they see this subject from two completely different view points and the president believed he only needs to point to getting rid of osama bin laden and al-awlaki. >> getting out of iraq. >> and the drone attacks that have broken up al-qaeda, whereas, mitt romney believes, but look at the problems that we're having with iran, with north korea, with the strained relations with israel. so who can take the mantle of national security. >> that's the message, who are the messengers, former secretary of state. madeline albright will be around the country for president obama talking about his accomplishments and you know that u.s. army general retired wesley clark, will be writing op-eds and newspapers around the country, touting president obama's foreign policy accomplishment.
5:07 am
but it's interesting, when so much of this has to do with the next, three, four, maybe six months and what happens in iran and what happens in afghanistan, will it wind down? will we deem that success or did we get out too quick? and iran, will there be a strike on their nuclear facilities by israel? >> that's the question. last night we learned that the united states is now setting out guidelines for the upcoming six party talks that happen this coming friday with iran. and they're basically saying, this is it. this is the final chance, guys, ahmadnejad and the rest of you guys because you need to dismantle that four door complex which is very deep beneath the mountain in the. and halt production of uranium fuel and different types of uranium fuel and we had the ambassador gold on this morning who talked about the difference, says they're biding for time. >> we've had negotiations before. the eu 3.
5:08 am
p a plus one in the previous decade. the iranians are always playing for time and it's my personal belief that they just want to run the clock out. they want to achieve the full operational nuclear capability, which means that you've got to make sure that while you're talking to the iranians, as a pre-condition of those talks, that the iranians don't continue their enrichment, otherwise you're going to find yourself with a much larger stock. >> alisyn: of course the question is, this being the last chance for iran or what? what does that mean. >> dave: look, it's all on china and russia. if the talks begin friday, which iran seems to be balking on the location. if it's china and russia will they have sanctions on iraq. >> alisyn: we had a fox news alert. and this has just broken. police have arrested two suspects in connection with a series of shootings in oklahoma. police say 19-year-old jake
5:09 am
england and alvin watts will be charged with three counts of murder and two with shooting intent to kill and accused of randomly gunning down five victims, killing three of them. police say they don't have that the shootings were racially motivated other than the obvious. >> and a flight is forced to make an emergency landing after an engine shut down. it was beginning descend at the arizona airport. thankfully, it reached the ground safely. none of the crew or passengers injured. no word yet what caused that problem. a symbol of hope and strength for many americans, now facing an uncertain future. we're talking about the sphere, a sculpture that emerged almost completely unscathed from the world trade center attacks following 9/11, it's been in new york city's battery park as a monument.
5:10 am
the problem is that that park is renovating forcing officials to remove it by the the end of the month. and where it will go is unclear. family members of those killed on 9/11 are reportedly pushing for it to part of the official 9/11 memorial, that would make a lot of sense. a happy end to go a story we've been following on "fox & friends," a former marine finally reunited with the military dog that she formed an unbreakable bond with nearly seven years ago when they were both injured by an ied in iraq. >> it's a long day and we've got them together and recovered, and we've got it right now and you know, this is able to happen. >> that was former marine corporal megan levy and she has fought tirelessly to adopt rex, the dog and the military denied the request until now and she'll live with megan at her home in new york. >> there you go, that's your headline. >> a look at the easter
5:11 am
forecast, hey, rick. >> hey, had a beautiful day for everybody, and this morning across the east coast, what we're looking at a little bit of cloud cover and temps are not at that bad. 30's to the north and 40's by this afternoon and warming up to the 50's and 60's and the only problem spot will be scattered showers across the areas of texas and those are scattered and not anybody dealing with a white-out or a washout of your day by any means. and head out to the west coast, and if you're headed out to easter sunrise services looking like this. by the afternoon, to your outdoor plans and picnics, a very nice day, everybody looking good except for the coastal areas of california, rain showers in the next couple of days, here across the east. the rain is light and not a big problem for anybody, the system brings the snow into maine and that's a pesky problem and bringing some snow to the higher elevations and cooling things down across the northeast and here is where the rain is now, oklahoma and
5:12 am
texas and beginning to fade off here the last, few, couple of frames here and that's going to be the case, not a big problem for anybody today. and this out across the west and eventually, start making its way inland maybe by monday afternoon and tuesday and the rain makes its way to southern california overall looking pretty good. big pattern shifts this week, and high pressure across the areas of the plains and that's going to change and get ready to return to early spring maybe late winter-like temperatures and a little bit of snow across the higher elevations of the northeast. >> alisyn: no, i will not get ready for that. >> rick: get ready, you're on the coast. >> clayton: you have no choice. they made bold decisions to cut without raising tacks and wisconsin's lt. governor could be losing her job as well. she joins us. >> dave: goodbye alpha male. hello mr. sensitive. is that really what women want? we're reading your tweets and e-mails on the beta male next.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> welcome back. when governor walker faces wisconsin voters in june over cuts he made to the union benefits he won't be doing it alone. the lt. governor is also up for recall and the outcome could have national implications and she joins us from milwaukee, good morning to you, rebecca. >> happy easter. >> happy easter to you, this issue has everyone involved in wisconsin, everyone that's passionate on both sides. when you say it's not just a local issue, it is important. >> it's not. >> it has implications nationally why? >> because if you take a look at wisconsin's political makeup, we're a very purple state, not either right or left, democrat or republican. we are very passionate about
5:17 am
our politics in this state, but right now what happens in wisconsin will determine momentum in the presidential race and determine whether politicians of both political stripes will feel comfortable and confident moving forward with bold, courageous reforms. because governor walker and i, and our legislature, saw the 3.6 billion with a b, dollar budget deficit without raising taxes. it's what taxpayers had asked us to do in fall of 2010 when they elected us. now, the will of the people is potentially looking like it's being challenged and there are folks out there who would invalidate the votes of the majority of wisconsinites in this attempt at a recall. >> dave: at issue of course is the string of public employees of their collective bargaining rights, but you say this is not and should not be a us-versus them argument. what then is the argument?
5:18 am
>> well, the argument is we need to live within our means, the same way regular american families, wisconsin families, small businesses owners in our state and all around this country have 0 live within their means, so must government now. in 2008 we face a very deep recession that has lasting effects. do you watch the sluggish economy the same way you do in wisconsin and finally, revenue is caught up with spending in wisconsin and taxpayers have said, you're pinching us, you can't tax us more. we said okay, we get the message so we're not going to tax you more. we're going to do this budget without raising taxes and now that is why we are facing a recall. and if we allow big outside special interests to involume date the will of the voters, then, that speaks volumes about what could happen, not just in wisconsin, but every other state in this country. >> dave: it's ironic though, this is about saving money and now, unions are spending
5:19 am
millions and millions of dollars, in this election, and now you and governor scott walker are forced to battle and spend millions of dollars as well. how do you appeal to the middle of wisconsin? the far right is enthusiastically supporting you both. the far left is angry and supporting the unions. how do you speak to the middle? >> well, as a parent, i think you take a look at the families, the marred working folks who don't have every second of every day to watch negative political ads and say, hey, listen, you guys are facing the same recession that we're all facing and you know, schools are better off. there are fewer layoffs and fewer cuts to extracurricular activities than in years past in wisconsin and in fact, state and local government, has saved 848 million dollars on these reforms, after five years of 5% tax increases we're actually facing a tax freeze in wisconsin and i think that's a message, a
5:20 am
message of simply doing your budget right. fiscal stability that really resonates with average folks, who care that gasoline for goodness sakes, costs $4. the 848 million dollars that translates into 212 million dollars in tanks of gasoline for state and local government. i mean, these are things that people can relate to every day. and folks send their kids to school and understand that their needs to be teachers at the front of classrooms, and band still needs to be practicing down the hall. we have one of the most extraordinary education systems in america here in wisconsin, my two daughters go to public school, we need to make sure that that is fully funded, but also that we're spending within our means here. >> it is a very contentious issue locally, but it's a very important issue nationally as well. lt. governor rebecca clayfish, we appreciate you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me.
5:21 am
>> dave: happy easter. up next, time for a nerd alert. clayton has things to make your cleaning easier. you need googles, clayton. ♪
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> get out your coke bottle glasses, it's a nerd alert. it's springtime and means spring cleaning and clayton morris will show off his favorite gadgets. >> dave: protective gear not glasses. >> clayton: you know the guy who invented the ipod a mildly successful device. he when he left apple this was his next project. nes, the smart thermostat saves you hundreds on your home heating and air
5:25 am
conditioning bill. why? because it's intelligent. it knows when you're home or at work. >> alisyn: an eyeball in there. >> clayton: it looks at your pattern. >> dave: learning them, you don't have to program them in. >> clayton: when it's blue, it heats it up. red, krools down and brilliant. and super ease toy stall. and eye gear black & decker, you hate the cords, get rid of cords and gasoline and use an electric lithium battery. plug it in, fire it up. >> alisyn: oh, boy. >> dave: that's ow neek, most of the cordless have no power whatsoever. that thing clearly does. >> it has a lot of power and this lasts for a long time. >> alisyn: it just sucked up one of our crew members. what's this? >> this, alisyn for indoors.
5:26 am
and have you ever seen a vacuum cleaner before. >> alisyn: no, is this what it looks like. >> clayton: this is, this is dyson, the best vacuum cleaners. >> alisyn: beam me up, scotty. wow. >> clayton: this is the dyson ball and sucks up more dirt and pollen and animal hair good luck with that. >> there's no hair on that. >> clayton: the only vacuum to have a turbine in the head of the device. >> dave: are we going to the gutter cleaners. >> clayton: you know how messy it is, "i, robot" has the luge, you put in the gutter and you control it by remote control and don't need to climb up there on the ladder. whoa, dave, relax. >> clayton: you can go through and clean out the gutters.
5:27 am
and it takes out the leaves out of the gutter. and there you go. >> alisyn: whoa. >> clayton: trust me i've tested this thing and you'll see leaves flying all over the place and you don't have to worry about getting up there. >> dave: you've got to put it in there and get the ladder. >> instead of up the ladder back down. >> alisyn: we have to clean up for the last demo, what do you have here. >> clayton: "i, robot," with the brand new scuba, it will clean your floor, squeegee mop your floors in the house, set it, put water inside the tank any hard wood floors and bathrooms, and set it, go to the mall and this is speaking your language. i thought you told it to go to the mall. >> when i come home, the floors are feline and 98%-- >> that's what i need. >> and thank you for home depot to getting us a gutter in a pinch.
5:28 am
we appreciate that. >> that's great. >> and the protective eye wear. >> bless. >> goodbye alpha male and hello mr. sensitive. >> dave: all right. >> is this what women want? reading your tweets and e-mails this morning. >> dave: from the football field, to tim tebow getting ready it deliver an easter sermon to some 30,000 people in texas, first, the pastor of this church joins us live. and look at the gutter cleaning robot. ♪ ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ]
5:29 am
[ sighs ] [ announcer ] all work and no play... will make brady miss his favorite part of the day.
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5:32 am
>> happy easter, everybody, thanks for joining us bright and early this morning. you're sending us in some of your great easter pictures and we showed some awkward ones earlier in the show, of children being scared by easter bunnies. >> dave: he's terrifying. >> alisyn: can be. >> dave: he's got huge eyes. >> clayton: and hops all over the place. send us some awkward photos. >> alisyn: that's not awkward,
5:33 am
that's beautiful. a little bunny and polished all the candy in the basket. >> dave: and the parents deface the child when they're taking a nap. >> clayton: from pennsylvania. >> alisyn: adorable bunnies. >> nice to see you, happy easter and julie age 14. 1964 first job was to be an easter bunny. >> and kind of the bunny, back to cute you bunny. >> rob's grandson from jackson, maine. >> alisyn: and children who are scared of the easter bunny, one child is afraid of the easter bunny. >> crying lucy and concerned jack, what they're called. >> crying lucy. >> dave: that's not a creepy easter bun wri? look at the identifies on that thing. >> alisyn: that's dicey, you subjected your family to this? >> that looks live something
5:34 am
that carrot top would wear. >> dave: that made emmerson cry and me try, too, the headband. >> alisyn: does the easter bunny have a fanny pack. >> clayton: a lot to carry. >> alisyn: that's a basket, sorry. >> dave: keep those photos coming and we want your children preferably crying sitting with the scary easter bunny. that's what i'd like. >> alisyn: that's right. >> clayton: christians around the world celebrating the resurrection of jesus this morning, joining us live from the holy land, from jerusalem is leyland vittert. who's been there all week long. >> the holy one. and look at that hair. (laughter) >> hi, i'll start talking now, guys and save you on this one. we're in front of the church of the holy sepulcher in
5:35 am
jerusalem. different easter than with chocolate bunnies and peeps and it's spiritual all over the world to celebrate easter mass inside the church where many believe that jesus was you crucified. go ahead and take a listen. so many people trying to head in there, the church of the holy sepulcher. easter mass was celebrated and the greek patriarch, and all sorts of denominations and often times bring their own cherringy members with them to great their own traditions, one of the great traditions happened yesterday on holy saturday when they begin the holy fire miracle and that's said to have begun about 1100 years ago, one of the longest running miracles, with the greek patriarch comes in and has the holy fire to begin and you hear some of the beautiful singing that takes place during the ceremonies here in jerusalem and certainly, you
5:36 am
get people from all over the world and a lot of people carrying palms like this, and come to experience easter in the holy land and we have all different people and yet, they're celebrating the same thing, back to you guys. >> alisyn: leyland that's beautiful and i know you never know what to expect on the toss from us. thanks, leyland. >> dave: happy easter, man. >> alisyn: and a lot of news to tell you about. the brand new video of u.s. and afghan military officials just signing a key deal regarding what has been a huge source of contention for years and we're talking about the nighttime raids often carried out by american troops to capture taliban and al-qaeda commanders. afghan leaders said that they put them in danger, under the new one, they will not be permitted unless they are re signed off on first. and seen as a step to secure between afghan and american
5:37 am
security forceses. a tanker exploding on a freeway in los angeles. carrying nearly 9,000 gallons of gasoline and see the flames shooting into the air and took 150 firefighters, two helicopters, to contain this fire. incredibly, no one was hurt. thousands turn out in houston to welcome home the men and women who served in iraq and to say thank you. ♪ the community wanted to do something special to honor our troops. >> we want to celebrate, i mean, you know, it's-- i remember the phone calls and the letters and stuff like that, and the sacrifices that they make, so this is just a good way to honor it. >> and everybody is coming in and means a lot to every soldier that family, friends and you know, your community, that's what we're here for. >> alisyn: the soldiers is receiving a proclamation from the city and opening day after the astros and free seats to
5:38 am
the game. you may remember the pentagon refuse today hold a ticker tape parade for those who served in iraq. and this easter with free gas, $3,000 worth of fuel to give away in texas, the crowds came out in full force. >> a church that demonstrates giving and we felt like what better time to give than this time, that we celebrate the easter season. >> free gas, praise god. that's what it's all about. these people are blessing me! >> national average for a gallon of gas right now is $3.93. those are your headlines. >> clayton: thank you, alisyn. all right, a new study out overnight fairly interesting. what it shows about men. turns out, you know, back in the day the idea is that men are singularly focused, young adult men focused on one goal. >> dave: the segment earlier, we're in the gutter. >> clayton: yeah, bad, bad
5:39 am
news, but turns out, according to new research, it's the rise of the beta male. boys are almosting more caring, sensitive. romantic and this is from a pretty big study, national survey of the family coalition and growth for the coalition for the center for disease control actually, look at the men. >> even teenage boys, more important at that they search for the right relationship and the right girl than they were in decades past and here we ask you for your take on this. here is an e-mail from missouri, the more sensitive, the more manly they are. >> alisyn: there you are. >> clayton: do you agree? do you want the tough guys. >> alisyn: i do like tough guys, yes, but they do also have to have some emotional accessibility. they can't just be knneanderth l neandertha neanderthals. they can't just ride a bike. >> alisyn: i don't want a man to relies on me, i want a man who i can rely on and not be too emotional. she likes the old he-man.
5:40 am
>> clayton: and outdoor dave 12, not this dave. too many men get manicures and drink decaf. time to toughen up. >> alisyn: let us know what you think that teenage boys have changed and if they now have a more sensitive side. >> dave: and now to the sensitive, rick reichmuth. >> rick: what does decaf have to do with anything. >> alisyn: it's not manly. i drink it. >> clayton: the hearty coffee, hearty coffee and not being able to sleep all night. >> alisyn: yeah, that puts hair on your chest. >> rick: and i'm not sure. >> clayton: a sleep mask at night. >> rick: the question is, do you want to date or marry? >> yes, i know that. >> rick: the woman, the woman you want to date is different than the woman you want to marry and vice versa. >> dave: relationship advice from rick reichmuth. >> rick: the next study bonus. a look at the weather right now, rain across west texas
5:41 am
and that's the area that still is suffering from the worst drought in texas and we'll see dent in that, one to two inches, and with a little severe weather at times and tomorrow that threat returns and we'll watch that again. move forward and take a look at the forecast today here on this easter sunday morning, a very nice day across the northeast, we'll see plenty of sunshine, temps will be very comfortabling, much warmer than yesterday, so if you liked yesterday you'll really like today. down to the southeast, another spectacular day, a great day for golf in augusta, we have the rain across areas of texas and don't think we're talking about anything too severe, that's kind of rain that you like. up to the north, another nice day, a little breezy and fire danger, but overall your temps look good. enjoy them because the temps are going to drop especially in places like green bay and indianapolis this week, we'll be back down into the 30's and 40's and across the west, the spectacular day. i tell you what, a lot of sunshine and a little rain in
5:42 am
coastal areas of northern california and oregon, but interior, plenty of sunshine and temps into the 90's in the deserts of arizona. >> alisyn: thanks so much, mr. sensitive. >> clayton: coming up the super bowl sermon. tim tebow is suiting up getting ready to address the parishioners in texas. we'll hear from the pastor of that church next. >> dave: then from on stage with the boss, to the curvy couch this special teen joins us live next. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too.
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ask me about my tempur-pedic. [ male announcer ] these real owners are talking about their new tempur simplicity beds. all the comfort and support of a tempur-pedic in a simple, clean design. ask me how it's just what we need. and nothing more. ask me what a step up this is from my spring mattress. ask me about a good night's sleep. [ male announcer ] the new tempur simplicity beds -- surprisingly affordable and all with a 10-year warranty. to learn more or find an authorized retailer near you, visit tempur-pedic -- the most highly recommended bed in america. icht ♪ hey, baby >> who can forget this bruce springsteen video from 1984 where the rock legend pulls a young courteney cox up on stage? the dream of being that girl became a reality for our next guest as she was plucked out of the crowd during one of the
5:46 am
boss' shows. hi, everybody. >> and telling us about her time on stage is 12-year-old melissa. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> clayton: how did it happen, you're outside of the concert and local news interviews you about the concert. tell us what happened next. >> well, they just asked us some questions about my mom and i, and then they, we were just waiting in the pit-- >> up close to the stage. >> yeah, kind of just waiting for him to come and then he came and he was singing a couple of songs and sunny day came on and my dad lifted me he up with the poster. >> show us the poster. >> this sign says i'm 12 and i've been waiting on a sunny day. >> and the other side. >> this side says, my first
5:47 am
conce concert. >> brilliant marketing melissa. >> so, bruce notices the sign and pulled you up on stage and what are you thinking at that moment. i was like oh, my gosh what am i doing, my dad lifted me up and i didn't have a say in it, i would have gone, definitely. what am i doing right now. it's fun. >> and we know that few people show up to bruce springsteen concerts. not usually a lot of people in the audience, 8 to 100,000 people. what did you think when you looked out at the sea of people. >> i was like oh, my god, i wasn't thinking and the phone recording and just thinking, wow, there's a lot of people. >> alisyn: and tell us about this moment where you did a knee slide. how do you get that. he whispered down to me, you want to do a knee slide and my mom, she likes to go to concerts a lot, but like doesn't like to look at
5:48 am
youtube from the past tours and surprised ran she didn't show me. and i remember the knee slide from the super bowl. demonstrated it and brought me up and patted my knee down and one, two, three and we went. >> incredibly your mom was sent to go to a concert, a fan for years and set to go it a concert. tickets, second row seats in 1999 and something happened. what happened in 1999 she couldn't go to the concert. >> well, i came that exact date. >> clayton: you were born. >> born the exact day she was supposed to go. >> alisyn: that's great. this is really for her, full circle, she missed the concert and then you were pulled up on stage. do you think that you will become a star of a show friends like courteney cox did after that experience. probably not. it was just a fun experience and i'm glad i did it. >> alisyn: that's great.
5:49 am
well, good for you, you took advantage of that moment. >> thank you. >> alisyn: and rose to the occasion. >> thank you. >> clayton: how long are you now on tour with him. >> ooh, i don't know. >> clayton: we'll get you the tour info. great to see you, congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> alisyn: coming up on the show, president obama hosting a forum only for the ladies. was it a ploy to just get the female vote? we'll ask ann coulter next. >> alisyn: and the super bowl team tebow is getting ready to suit up and address the parishioners from texas, we'll hear from the pastor of that church next. . >> their potential hopes to reach their potential and that's why i'm proud to be an american. see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: see it through. bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery.
5:50 am
we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
ichltd. >> clayton: well, this easter sunday arguably the most anticipated service will be from tim tebow. >> dave: the jets quarterback will be delivering what some are calling the super bowl sermon during easter mass before a crowd of about 20,000 people. only about 1/4 or 1/5 of what he performs before on sundays. >> alisyn: and here are the pastors of the church, joe and lori champion. >> happy easter to you, good morning. >> alisyn: pastor lori, let me start with you. how did it come to pass that tim tebow will be speaking at your church? >> well, surprisingly, they called us. i was sitting in a staff meeting and spoking to the staff and all of a sudden i get a text, tim tebow's people called us and have some speaking engagement for
5:54 am
churches are we interested and i said, absolutely. we're interested and so then we talked about it and got back in touch with him and the the rest is anheuser-busching. >> dave: one of the most surprising aspects to this sports fan is that a gator chose a church where a former lsu tying is the pastor. and they're going to get after tebow down there in florida for doing that, but tell us what to expect from tim and he doesn't perform that well early, but comes through in the fourth quarter, how will that relate today? >> well, i think it's going to be, well, i think it's going to be great the whole event and i'm not expecting a slow start. but, it's true. it's an opportunity for the lsu tigers to come back, the gators a little bit. he's beat us a lot over the years, but it is a little sec thing going on, but we're excited to have tim and feel it's going to be fantastic for the city and fantastic for this region and it's such an
5:55 am
outdoor town, austin loves football and so, when we start the questions and answers, i'm going to throw in a little lsu banter and it will be great. >> alisyn: and is that how it works, you'll be posing questions to tebow and what are you going to ask him. >> talk back and forth and that will be the best format. people want to know a little bit more about him. we're going to ask the questions, like, what does easter mean to you, tim, of course, what about your public faith and how do you deal with maybe the criticisms that go with it. how do you stay grounded? how do you stay real, as you become bigger and bigger and bigger, to the the point you're the fourth motor influential person in the world. how do you stay grounded and connected to christ? and i think that people want to know that and then, also,
5:56 am
there'll be thousands of young kids out there with their parents, and when did you know that you're a leader, tim, how did your parents make you become the kind of leader that you are now. >> dave: according to a poll on this, he's the most popular athlete in the country. what does he mean as a role model for people like the parishioners at your church? >> it's a great question and i think across the country, people have been impressed with his, with his walk and his talk, to literally be as consistent as he has been since we've all known him coming out of high school, coming out of the high school. he has been consistent. i have never had an athlete, even though my background is football. my father was a nfl football coach for years. >> dave: with the jets. >> short with lou holts one year, but i've never featured an athlete and he so, i feel like this guy has just been so consistent and he's not god, he's not perfect.
5:57 am
>> right. >> but he has been true, he has been good. >> dave: we've got to leave it there. thank you so much, pastors joe and laurie champion. more "fox & friends" in two. ♪ ♪ na, na...
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone, it is sunday, april 8th, i'm alisyn camerota, happy easter, everyone, celebrations are underway around the world as christians celebrate the resurrection of jesus. we're live outside of vatican city with a look at the pope's message. >> dave: from the ladies' night at the white house to democrats saying republicans hate women and will the president's message really resonate with female voters? i'm getting ann colter has an opinion on this. >> alisyn: really? >> dave: she'll weigh in on this. >> clayton: she's really not opinionated. one new hampshire school district using your tax dollars to party a little bit. booze, what else? food, all on the taxpayer
6:01 am
dollar. "fox and friends," hour four, "fox and friends," hour four, starts, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> clayton: happy easter, everyone and welcome to fox and friends on this sunday morning, thank you so much for waking up with us, before you head to your easter surface and how you are celebrating this day we want to thank 1800 flowers for decorating our studio and giving us this aromatic smell, we don't usually have. >> alisyn: it is beautiful and thank you for the easter bonnets these two will be donning later. there is a massive gathering at st. peter's square, and greg burke is in rome with more on what the hope had to say. >> reporter: hi, alisyn, that is right. this is the most important day on the christian calendar and shows here, you talk about an easter service, st. peter's square is the place to be.
6:02 am
the hope giving his easter greetings from the balcony, in 65 languages, about the joy of easter saying the encounter with the risen christ should change people's lives and should be a healing experience that lets you know about good's goodness and truth and while the message was mostly about joy and about love, to come on this say, the pope offered a special prayer for all of those christians suffering around the world, either discrimination or persecution. crowd have been massive throughout the week and today blessed with really good weather, good weather most of the week, as a matter of fact and absolutely an overflow crowd in the square and you can see from faces and from the flags that people are really coming from all over the world, there is no doubt about that. it happens all the time. this year, no different in peter's square and the pope has
6:03 am
been working overtime since holy thursday. and, she is getting a little rest this week, starting wednesday will go to his summer place outside of rome and he is 84, will be 85 in a little more than a week. guys? >> alisyn: greg burke. >> dave: happy easter. >> alisyn: thank you for that report from vatican. now, for the rest of your headlines. i thought we were going to chat but i'll give you the news. >> we'll chat when you are done with that. >> alisyn: and during. late last night, this is important because this is a developing story. two arrests were made in the shooting that killed three people in tulsa, oklahoma. jake england and alvin watts will be charged with three counts of murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill. the two white men are accused of randomly gunning down five black victims early friday morning. investigators are still determining if the shootings were racially motivated as they appear. militants in gaza fired two rockets over the bored border
6:04 am
into israel, the rockets reportedly landing in open areas near the gaza border. officials say no one was hurt and it comes you a month after a cease-fire agreement brokered by egypt to stop numerous rocket attacks and airstrikes between israel and gaza and after two years of disputes with bank of america a war veteran will be refund $25,000 in fraudulent debit charges, he was on leave in greece when he says he purchased a couple of drinks at an athens club and noticed sent card charges worth thousands of charges and followed a fraud claim which they fought and at first said there was nothing they could do and months of complaining and protests paid off and the bank is refunding those charges. a greek journalist was the target of a bizarre attack, happening live on the air.
6:05 am
>> alisyn: i journalist was pelted with eggs and yogurt. at least it was breakfast. a morning show. 17 protesters forced their way into the studio, while the guy was on the air, live, reportedly upset about a recent interview he did with a neo-nazi politician and dave as you pointed out there are places to take cover but apparently... >> dave: there is a giant desk. >> clayton: but i like he went for his electronic device to protect that. he wasn't concerned with his suit. >> dave: thank you. >> let's check in with rick reichmuth with an easter forecast. >> rick: probably a tech reporter, clayton. you guys they're same. current temperatures, across the country. not a bad morning, a little cooler off towards the north, it will warm up nicely today. a little rain across parts of michigan and it facing out and
6:06 am
we have snow, though, across parts of maine and that storm will be pesky for us for the next 3-4 days, across areas of the great lakes and the northeast and will keep matters cool and a little bit of snow across the higher elevations, down to texas, a little rain this morning,fieding off, same with areas of oklahoma. about done, nothing problematic today, and across the west, coastal areas dealing with the rain and we start to see things become touchy for tomorrow with a threat for severe weather, oklahoma and texas and last week, tornadoes in and around the dallas area, i don't think we are talking about a big tornado event and more wind and hail but we cannot rule out a tornado across the area, heading out for your monday, be prepared for that. here's your temperatures, for you, easter sunday, nice, and missoula, after the snow, you have temps into the 60s, in fact you will be into the 70s by the time we get towards tuesday and tomorrow, you look like this, a little cooler air moves into the
6:07 am
northern plains and will sink towards the southeast for parts of this week. a big cool down is coming and will feel a little more like late winter instead of the temps we have been seeing. >> clayton: big question, has a lot of people fired up, can an illegal immigrant be admitted to the florida bar, become a lawyer, essentially, in the state of florida? it is not as cut and dried as that, because the individual behind the big story is a celebrated individual, valedictorian of his class, eagle scout, 25 year-old individual. >> dave: an oftentimes immigration is oversimplified, should they stay or go and in the middle is this man, an eagle scout, valedictorian, went to florida state law school and got his degree and learned to practice law and did so for a year. problem is he came here when he was 9, brought by his parents, who had visas, they overstayed their visas and, therefore this is not a naturalized u.s.
6:08 am
citizen. should he be allowed to practice law here in the united states? if he is not a legal u.s. citizen. >> alisyn: for some people it is cut and cry and they say, absolutely not. no, he shouldn't and others say we have invested all of our tax dollars into this stellar student, since the time he was nine years old and rose to thes occasion and became valedictorian and, want to practice law here and considers himself an american more than a mexican. that is all he knows and he's part of our culture. it is not as cut and cry for many people and you heard on the campaign trail, republican candidates say we have to get rid of the magnets, this is a magnet to educate your children we're at the taxpayers' expense to give them to the best education in the world and that is a magnet and until we get rid of those, people want to educate their kids. >> and marco rubio, this is the individual he talked about when he talked of a reform to the
6:09 am
idea of the dream act, and his spin on it. he said he was influenced by this individual, learning that he had become valedictorian of his class and changed his mind and his idea is not to give him citizenship, but a form of amnesty, and the democrats argue they have no homeland and are not citizens of mexico or the u.s. and become lawyers or become entrepreneurs, with no country to call their own. >> dave: if you make one exception, does it become a dangerous precedent. this is a fascinating issue, within we can talk about for hours and want to hear from you. should you be allowed to practice law if you are not a legalized, naturalized, u.s. citizen? there is the e-mail address, twitter, @ff weekend. >> alisyn: and a story we are talking about amongst ourselves, whether or not teenagers or postponing or ignoring getting their drivers licenses because of social media. >> clayton: remarkable.
6:10 am
>> alisyn: so interested in being on the computer, at home with their facebook friends they don't need to get their licenses. they are -- drivers licenses to see their real friends. >> let me ask you, when you turned 16, i turned december, december 31 and it was a holiday and i couldn't get my drivers license and i couldn't wait. >> alisyn: if i could have applied at midnight on the night of my birthday, at 16, i would have gone at midnight. couldn't wait. >> dave: times have changed. you won't believe the numbers, how fewer kids these days are getting their license. check out 2001, to 2009, the average numbers of miles driven, and, more importantly look at, according to the ap, 69% of 17-year-olds had a drivers license in 1983 and that number in 2008, dropped to 50%. >> clayton: why? >> dave: off a cliff. >> clayton: the idea was, we wanted to see our friends and get in the car and hang out with our buddies, go to, what, the
6:11 am
drive through. >> alisyn: drive-in movies, when i was -- in the the 1950s, yes. >> clayton: back in your day and drive in and get the person to come up on roller skates and you wanted to see your friends. >> alisyn: a fonzy theme. >> clayton: and now kids can do that on-line and go on instant message... >> alisyn: and it's not only that, but the university of michigan did a study on this very thing and found out not only are they not driving to see their friends with google, you don't need to drive to the library, the bookstore, deliveries on-line, don't need to go to the grocery store. >> clayton: dave says it is a bad thing. i don't know. >> dave: it is a terrible thing. >> clayton: get more kids on the road. 16 years old, more dangerous than at any time in their lives. >> alisyn: parents of teenagers are happy they are not on the road. >> dave: what do you think? forget computers an textbooks a new hampshire school district taking a page from some might say the gsa's handbook and using your taxpayer dollars to party it up. >> alisyn: and from ladies'
6:12 am
night at the white house to democrats saying republicans may hate women. will the president's message resonate with female voters? ann coulter is here, need i say more? >> dave: get off the internet, get into my car. >> get in the back seat, baby. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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for charity? let's do it! yup... they're doin it. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. let's go drive, use the legs... nice teamwork! they tried on the new depend real fit. get a free sample so you can too. >> clayton: president obama holding a major forum at the white house on friday focusing on well and the economy. >> president barack obama: there has been a lot of talk about women and women's issues, as there should be but i do think the conversation has been oversimplified. women are not summon knowlithic bloc, not an interest group.
6:16 am
you shouldn't be treated this way, women are over half this country and, workforce. >> a ploy to get female voters. >> alisyn: no. joining us is the author of "demonic", ann coulter. all politics is political. should we be focused on women's issues, right now. >> yes. i think the mistake republican politician make, they get harangued so much, is the gender gap, the gender gap, is to try to be more liberal on social issues, and thinking it will appeal to women voters but women voters are not a bell curve, the jaded feminist who will never vote republican but on the other side, look the heat socially conservative organizations, christian coalition and daughters for the american revolution are all very, very conservative and, which is why people like jesse helms and
6:17 am
ronald reagan never had a gender gap, and the democrats can't get men to vote for them, i assume because obama son so big he got a majority of the men's votes, and i can look that up and other than this, the democrats have not gotten the majority of men to vote for them, since 1964. >> dave: it is 18 points nationally and 9 points in key swing states. between mitt romney and president obama, why and how does mitt romney fight back against it? >> this is the 5th poll, a poll is taken every month by gallup, of independent voters in the swing states and, in the first three, mitt romney -- and he's not even our nominee, yet, by the way, was crushing president obama. they were about tied last month, and, obama finally pulled ahead, this month, and for one thing, why didn't we hear about the other polls so bad for obama and
6:18 am
something seemed to have happened and romney should care about it. probably the contraception and slut thing from limbaugh, probably affected it but i wouldn't worry about the one last of five polls. >> clayton: and we should be clear you are a mitt romney supporter, out big for mitt romney and last night on "saturday night live" they poked fun at mitt romney, being, i don't know, flexible on some of the issues, and having a problem connecting with women. is it part of the problem? play this and we'll have ann respond. >> of course growing up in michigan, i have always been an enormous fan of the pittsburgh steelers. you know, what a team. what a football team. i mean, with those uniforms they had, of different colors, and of course, you know, the great coach, and the various players. who were also terrific. you know, i could name them all, yeah. >> dave: and he added, cock fighting and cat spaying and
6:19 am
doesn dungeons and dragons... >> i love him, especially playing romney but that is a hack piece, romney's reputation is exactly the opposite. he went to nascar and said, i am not a nascar fan but, i know the owners and, newt gingrich wanting open borders for illegals and romney was bringing up in the debate that he is against illegal immigration and, he is famous for not pandering and going and sucking up to the audience, and that does sometimes, i mean, the -- i know nascar owners and don't watch nascar was considered a gaffe, but a gaffe for his honesty, not pandering and "saturday night live" did a hack piece, though he is funny. >> alisyn: though you were laughing along with it. >> he's funny. >> clayton: ann coulter, great to see you on this easter sundays, thanks for joining us this morning.
6:20 am
>> alisyn: thank, have a good holiday. >> dave: a controversial policy, in one hospital, they decided not to hire people who are obese. is it legal? the debate, ahead. >> alisyn: and easter, of course is more than candy-filled baskets and colored eggs, it is about faith. father john is here to bring us an important easter message this morning. come on in, father. ♪ [ hermann ] there's always something
6:21 am
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>> alisyn: 23 minutes past the hour, time for quick headlines. a long overdue honor awarded last night in lawson, missouri
6:24 am
after 67 years. 87-year-old alan stevens finally got the purple heart that he earned when he was injured in combat, during world war ii. a clerical error reportedly the reason for the delay. and, catalina island off the coast of california is beautiful but may be getting ugly at gas stations there, the average price of a gallon, more than $7 and the national average is $3.93. let's go over to the guys. >> dave: thank you, alisyn. >> clayton: as we celebrate, the easter bunny and the eggs and the egg hunt and we can't forget about the religious meaning of the high holy holiday. >> dave: religion contributor father jonathan morris joins us, the author of "god wants you happy" now out in paper back. good to see you. >> happy easter. >> dave: you know how i approach this? i'm looking for a way to explain to your children, it is not about the easter eggs and the candy and a basket. it is about what? >> you blame it on the kids but you want a simple explanation.
6:25 am
right? maybe this is one way to look at it. i roofed a call from someone i know, going through a deep, deep, deep depression, this week, and she was at a point, the lowest point, i mean, very serious, medical point this week and she heard noise outside her would window, friday, good friday and looked out and saw it was the live stations of the cross some churches do and looked out and saw jesus fall for the third time and she looked down and she started to weep. and she said, for that moment, the resurrection, the whole passion thing, made sense, that jesus not only suffered, but did it for us. she didn't need deep explanation and she said that is god. who decided to go and to suffer for me so i would have new life and that is what the resurrection is today, saying, that god defeated death, that
6:26 am
sadness can be overcome by joy and there is another solution that is eternal and, she said that for -- in that moment, everything changed for her. everything changed for her, resurrection means life everlasting and joy and happiness and means, sin has been overcome, through love, love of god for us. >> clayton: i suppose to the children, you know, son or daughter, we go to church every sunday, honey, this is why we go, because without the resurrection we won't be going every sunday and our faith might not exist without the resurrection. >> st. paul talked about it. if there is no resurrection, the whole story of jesus dying for us doesn't make any sense and not only that god loved us, but he was willing to come down to be like us, why? because we have sinned and have misused our freedom and god is saying, there is a chance for redemption, all we have to do is ask god for forgiveness, go back to him and receive the reconciliation and begin again. >> dave: perfect. >> clayton: father is leading
6:27 am
sunday services for easter sunday, great to have you here, the new papers back edition of his book is out with a forward by pastor rick warren. i think he wrote some book. >> some book. >> mildly successful book. >> dave: have a great easter. >> thank you very much. >> dave: coming up, it seems one new hampshire school district might be taking lessons from the wrong group, the gsa, using money meant for the classroom for things like limos and booze. your tax dollars at work here. >> clayton: let's talk about an easter blessing, some churches offering more than faith, giving out free gasoline on easter sunday. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic
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>> alisyn: happy easter, everyone. we really appreciate you joining us, and, you sending in your family photos, of your children or you, with the easter bunny. >> clayton: earlier in the show, we showed you awkward family photos from the awkward family photos web site from easter and it is up to you, we report, you decide, are these awkward or cute. jackson. >> dave: cute. >> alisyn: very cute. >> dave: here's... one of the kids appears terrified, being snuggled by a giant headed bunny. >> clayton: awkward family photo. >> alisyn: scary. okay. cute. very cute. this is brady from little rock and his dad is getting ready to
6:32 am
leave for afghanistan. cute photos. >> clayton: violet, being surprised by a bunny. >> alisyn: that is... that is the face dave briggs wears when he sees the bunny, with an evil bunny i. >> alisyn: a pirate bunny? >> dave: arghhh! and get me out of here, say newt and emma. get me out of here. get me away from the giant. >> clayton: what's wrong with that bespeckled bunny. >> dave: why do they always have glasses. >> clayton: it makes no sense, carrots are supposed to give you good eyesight. >> alisyn: you are right! you have really exposed an easter faux pas. >> dave: i wondered that myself. >> clayton: we are going to get to the bottom of this. >> dave: a lot of churches around the country, getting into the act and giving away things like easter egg hunt and bringing in the community and other churches are giving away something entirely different.
6:33 am
like gasoline and hey, who wouldn't want free gas with the average gallon at $3.93. >> alisyn: parishioners are grateful and feel it is a gift sent from above because they have been hurting so much in texas, one gas station was giving away not necessarily filling up the tank but certainly taking -- making a dent in the bill that would be processed and, let's listen to how happy they were there. >> the church that demonstrates giving and, we felt like, what better time to give than this time, that we celebrate the easter season. >> praise god. that is what it's all about. these people are blessing me! >> clayton: $20 to fill up there, which is nice, a nice gift, certainly on this easter holiday and, i was thinking the other day, that is a practical joke, and i looked, really, $57? something is wrong here. >> dave: 20 probably used to
6:34 am
fill you up and now... >> clayton: wow. i remember filling up my first car, 1989, ford escort, $16 to fill it up. so cute, isn't it in remember those times. >> alisyn: i could have raced you in my chef vet. >> dave: christians around the world, celebrating the resurrection of jesus, this morning. >> alisyn: joining us now from the holy land, jerusalem, is leland vittert. hi, leland. >> reporter: hey, ali, this is where evidently christ is supposed to have rose from the dead and many people here who are visiting believe this is actually where he was crucified in the old city of jerusalem. step out here, of the shot and you can see the square of the church of the holy sepulcher and the pilgrims walking down inside. we have people from all over the world, here, the philippines, the united states, russia, the ukraine, all over europe, who have come to experience easter. we have video shot earlier where there was easter matt inside the
6:35 am
church of the holy sepulcher and the greek patriarch and the latin patriarch, all celebrating a special mass on easter morning and every individual group celebrates their own tradition, song, of prayer, of marches and parades that avenue come through, under tight security and yesterday, on saturday, on saturday, of holy week, we had the holy fire miracle, said to have gone back, some 1100 years, when the greek patriarch goes into the church of the holy sepal oscar, to jes-- sepulcher jesus's tomb, an amazing experience, a lot of the people here, on friday, we had the march done the via de la rosa, a journey jesus took with his cross through the 14 stations of the cross and it happened under incredibly tight security, though, here in israel and we have a couple of hundred israeli border police and soldiers hear, ensuring nothing goes wrong on
6:36 am
this holy sunday. back to you guys. >> clayton: thank you, beautiful scene there on easter sunday. >> alisyn: the rest of your headlines, u.s. and afghan military officials signed a key deal, regarding nighttime raids, the controversial operations were carried out by troops, and afghan leaders complained for years, but now that the raids put civilians in danger, the new agreement will not -- it will not be permitted unless afghan military and government leaders sign-off on them first, the resolution, seen as a major step in securing the long term relationship between the u.s. and afghan security forces. good news, about the navy fighter vet crash in virginia. everyone who was injured has been released from the hospital. that includes the student pilot, and navy trainer, who ejected just prior to slamming into the apartment building. several lawmakers and military leaders calling it a miracle that no one was killed and the 60-plus residents displaced by this are still in shock.
6:37 am
>> we have nothing but the clothes on our back, nowhere to go, we're staying at a hotel, right now, it is scary. and we are here to find out -- to get answers. >> alisyn: the navy is taking care of all of those residents' needs including long term housing. apparently hollywood wants you to pay more at the pump, morning on an anti-fraking movie, matt damon will star in the movie, called "the promise land" and they play rival executives battling to drill en a small town, not the first film to attack hydraulic drilling and, gasland, was a film that showed drinking water that caught on fire and that portion of the film was proven incorrect and it turned out the water was catching on fire for years before the fracking started and first the gsa and now a school district in new hampshire is under fire for using tax dollars
6:38 am
to party and an employee at the school district allegedly used the work credit card to purchase movies, alcohol and limousine services and the district, not identifying the employee, but they say the matter is under investigation, of course many parents and residents are outraged, brian smith says, quoted, i work hard and pay my taxes and they should not be spending money on things like that. those are your headlines. >> dave: out to rick reichmuth with a check of the weather. a beautiful day, for the final round of the masters in augusta. 80 degrees and sunny, peter hansen versus phil mikkelson. great round. >> rick: there you go, back to you. beautiful day for that and a beautiful day for easter for pretty much everybody across the country. look at what is about to happen in the northeast, this is the futurecast, you have a little time stamp and we'll go forward over the next two days and the blue is rain and white is snow. put it into motion and you can see the storm thing you have, back across parts of maine, that is going to ease off towards the
6:39 am
west, and, it is going to bring colder air in and we'll see the next couple of days become gloomy and snowy, so snow returning to michigan, snow returning to parts of upstate new york and into the higher elevations around much of new england and in the meantime, today, enjoy it across the northeast, because we have a very spectacular day, on tap, 61 degrees in hartford, into the mid 50s, as far north as burlington, vermont and we'll see a lot of sunshine, down to the southeast and a dry day in augusta where the masters is, no rain at all and we'll see sunshine again and temps into the upper 70s and we'll see the 80s around texas with a few showers, and i don't think they will be severe today, tomorrow, they will be, however, up towards the north, another nice day, a little breezy across areas of the dakotas, enjoy it. it will cool down this week as well and out to the west, a ton of sunshine, important to looking great and a little rain across coastal areas of northern california and southern oregon
6:40 am
and aside from that, plenty of sunshine and nice tomorrow. now, back to you inside. >> alisyn: that's better. you are not getting out of a forecast, thank you. >> clayton: controversial policy, one hospital under fire, they decided not to hire people who are obese. but is it even legal? we'll debate that, next. >> alisyn: and don't fill up... no, don't fill up on easter dinner. i never know which direction we're going but this is a food session. >> clayton: the bunny, those ears will be gone in a few seconds when i get over there. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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6:43 am
>> alisyn: a texas hospital is raising eyebrows with a new policy saying it will not hire obese people. is that even legal? here to debate this is defense
6:44 am
attorney joey jackson, former federal prosecutor, and author of "eyes of justice", her new book, lis weihl. happy easter, guys. >> happy easter. >> alisyn: thanks for being here. a hospital that will not hire obese people. is it criminal nation. >> it is absolutely wrong. under the texas statute, it is quote-unquote legal under texas law but i don't believe it is legal federally. and it is just wrong policy to say to the best and the brightest though you may be overweight we will not hire you, unless you are in the rockettes and have to look like everyone else that is not a job qualification. your weight should not be a job qualification. >> first of all, i don't know how i will debate a best-selling author but putting that aside, it is legal and here's why. what happens is, the laws address immutable characteristics, unchangeable and federal laws address things like color, you can't change that and gender and you can't -- in certain circumstances, and
6:45 am
address things like age and when you can change things, when it is changeable they don't get involved and that is why the federal statute, and the ada, americans with disabilities act addresses obesity but morbid obesity even then says it has to be connected to a physiological condition like depression causing it or curbing's stream. >> who are you to step in and say someone can make the choice, sometimes they can make the choice or sometimes they can't, and have a disease or thyroid condition and can't make the choice and you talk about depression, you will make people more depressed, they can't get the job they are qualified for. >> on a personal level, i agree completely, amp cans should get jobs based on qualifications, but if the law is otherwise, we have to follow the law, the legislature says obesity is a protected class it becomes illegal. >> alisyn: what about the argument that if you work at a hospital you should somehow be
6:46 am
exemplary of health and want to set an example for the patients. do they have an argument on that level? >> not really, look at abercrombie & fitch and the gab and other stores, that have been sued time and time and time again n again for the lookism, can you sell the clothes without being the perfect size 6 or whatever, how you define perfection? yes. same in a hospital, if you can do though job, you should be -- >> and i agree with that, sort of. the lookism, discrimination but congress has to say so and they haven't, michigan said so and in the state of michigan you can't discriminate, predicated upon weight and look at washington, d.c., the district, they said so, too, certain districts in california, not a state law says so but federally. >> alisyn: let me tell you what the hospital says, i'll let them speak for themselves and you can respond. the chief executive, david brown, the majority of our patients are over 65 and they have expectations that cannot be ignored in terms of personal
6:47 am
appearance. we have the ability as an employer to characterize our problems and have a policy that says what is best for our business and our patients. >> yes. they can make their own policy but, the over 65, i'll bet a lot of them, not a majority maybe but many of them are overweight. okay? so wait. i'm in the hospital, and i can only be seen by people who are skinny? and i, myself am overweight? how does that make me feel. the physical manifestations of that, that is not right. >> i agree. it's not right but until the government says so. we're overregulate already, i know that, but until congress says this is discriminatory, it will continue to be proper and legal. >> alisyn: when they say we can run our business -- >> 100%. >> alisyn: however we want. >> except they discriminate based on protected classes that are already recognized such as aids discriminati age discrimination.
6:48 am
>> the aba... >> morbid obesity could be, but connected to a hormonal balance... >> you know a good lawyer can always make that stick. >> alisyn: lit we'll and joey jackson, thanks for coming in, happy easter. >> alisyn: up next we're headed to the dessert label. you may want to stick around for that. southern style ideas to add to your easter feast today. ♪ [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you why you fell in love with her in the first place. and why you still feel the same. but your erectile dysfunction -- that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like neing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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s. >> dave: victims of the devastating twister outbreak getting a much needed surprise, students from a christian academy providing them with easter baskets filled with all kinds of goodies including toys, stuffed animals, and, of course, candy. and the be a newly white house egg roll is tomorrow, the president will be joined by special celebrity guest julianne moore or as you may know her, sarah palin in the hbo film, "game change" and dora and sponge bob and all the fun characters will be there, as well, guys. >> clayton: additional research dave did on that story. the kids have all the candy in their easter baskets. how about sweet treats for us grown-ups. >> alisyn: here to show us terrific desserts is celebrity chef jay jackson, and now is the dessert portion. >> my favorite part. >> clayton: before we get to desserts we have to e remind people what you do for the main course and you have done
6:53 am
something delicious for us, southern style ham. >> our southern themed easter menu starts with the virginia baked ham, of course, classic addition to any menu, and we have got our spring vegetables, a sweet and sour vegetables, and also a skillet cornbread and, didn't touch on the sweet potato souffle. >> clayton: and the cornbread you do something fascinating. >> i add cheddar to it. gives it a little bite and people are always asking... >> clayton: and i eat desserts for the main course and now you have the real desserts. >> what it is, a beet and carrot cake and is one layer of carrot cake and one layer of beet cake, a really earthy type of cake. >> alisyn: it sounds healthy. but that is misleading. because, as i know, carrot cake is notorious for being highly caloric. did you do any special, fancy change-up of that.
6:54 am
>> the indulgence of easter is a time you can give into that, as long as you have a balanced diet i think it is all right to have. >> alisyn: show us how we do it. >> put the eggs together and we have four eggs here, and we'll add in oil, simple recipe i use, and, actually the carrot cake portion. >> alisyn: canola oil. >> this is, this is and add the sugar -- can't be stingy on the sugar. >> alisyn: i see that. okay. >> clayton: and, these ingredients, go to the web site and we'll have -- >> put the dry ingredients together. >> alisyn: you'll mix it up for us. >> clayton: i'll be frosting a portion of this. >> you are. >> clayton: i'm frosting... >> exactly. >> clayton: this is what it will look like. >> alisyn: you have in there, salt, cinnamon... >> and a little vanilla and incorporate those and you can frost away. >> clayton: i'll frost away. alisyn, step back.
6:55 am
often seen in the kitchen. >> alisyn: i am, but eating, i appreciate your mad skills there. >> clayton: i've lathered a cake before. >> alisyn: why is clayton so much thinner... >> clayton: skill. or lack of it! >> alisyn: okay, you mix all of this up and how long do you bake it. >> in the oven, pre-set at 350°, 20, 25 minutes and, the knife and the fork goes in, and, you are set. >> alisyn: i never tried a beet cake. is that a southern specialty. >> it is not a southern specialty. that is my twist on it. >> clayton: let's try a slice here. >> i'll cut you a piece and ladies first, of course. >> clayton: beet and carrot cake, all the recipes on "fox & friends" web site, and what can people find at your web site. >> all the wonderful things we
6:56 am
offer, catering and, food box, foodies and fatties and, follow me on twitter and you can always twitter. mr. food-as tick. -- food-tastic. >> there we go. >> alisyn: you think of it all. >> clayton: more fox and friends in two minutes. >> alisyn: oh, yeah. that's good. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
6:57 am
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>> alisyn: are you going to take this one? >> clayton: i'm the only one left, on the show, donald trump and the host of hotel impossible, it is easter sunday. enjoy it with your loved ones, thanks for watching "fox & friends," this morning. >> dave: enjoy cake i think want to say hi to my wife,


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